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Gas Prices in your Area

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by gregw98, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    i understand that but the man asked about JAPAN. if you want to argue go somewhere else. this was directed to milt and not you.
  2. glenn

    glenn Member

    I run premium too!...sometimes regular with octane boost...but mostly premium....I am told that the regular gas over in japan is of higher octane than our regular....

    jtpc, you might want to consider increasing the octane level....either premium gas or octane boost....it'll run a bit smoother...I notice the difference if I run 85 octane and then raise the octane level..

    yes tripper, the base octane level in japan is higher on their regular gas than us...it makes sense to raise the octane lever to match the base of japan...good advise to jtpc...;)

    Note to milt: great info:cool:....a little overload.....but good just the same:D

    ....wannabe "canadian"....quit while you're ahead eh?:p.....LOL

  3. blue_miner

    blue_miner New Member

    its about 3.35 a gallon here for octane 93 gasoline. im in the PI.

    the lowest octane here is 93, followed by 95, then 96
  4. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    With discounts for grocery purchase and paying cash...$151.9 yesterday.
  5. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    buy 10.00 worth of stuff inside 1.79. otherwise 1.89 Austin,Tx
    discount brand 89 octane
  6. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    $1.69/gallon for regular in Claremore, Oklahoma.
    $2.55/gallon for diesel in Oologah, Oklahoma.
  7. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    I swa 1.789 on the sign will passing by the China Mart (Wal Mart) in Roanoke on the way home from work last night. I'm liking that much better than the $3.979 that I paid last summer. :D
  8. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    Hy Vee grocery regular price $1.69, 89 octane, discounts per gallon are as follows, $.49-$50=$.05. $51-$100=$.10. $101-$149=$.15. $150+=$.20. Pay cash, an additional $.03 off per gallon. Maximum 26 gallon purchase.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2008
  9. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Down to 91.9/ Litre in my neck of the woods for reg

    I kinda liking the fact that gas is cheaper than it was the last

    time I filled up - like one day they might pay me to fill up :D

    It will be interesting to see how low it goes before bottoming out and

    moving back up when the economy starts improving worldwide
  10. wainair

    wainair Member

    Last week I paid .74$/L for Diesel... at the peak last June I paid $1.432/L!!! It's been a real roller coaster ride. 74 cents is the lowest I've seen diesel in ten years. Really makes ya wonder.
  11. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    $1.88 here in southwest Oklahoma
  12. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    92.9 C/Liter here in estevan, sask. yet everywhere else is just 88.9.... im rushed for time but price x 3.785 = cdn $ per us gallon.
  13. Jmfeed

    Jmfeed Member

    It's 2.09 here in North Florida right now
  14. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    $1.91 In Newton, but if you buy at least $0.49 worth of groceries(HyVee grocery) and pay with cash, it's $1.83.
  15. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    $ 3.62Can per US gallon:eek::eek::frustration:
  16. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    $1.93 in southwest Oklahoma.

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