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Front springs

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by OldMachinist, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    I installed some 10 inch long 275 lb 2 5/8" ID Afco chrome plated springs today.

    Here's the new springs next to one of the old ones.


    I decided on the 275 ones because my testing showed that the original ones were around 225 lbs.


    I took out one of my 5/8" lift spacers on each side because another member had reported 2" lift just from the 275 lb springs. I only have a 3/4" spacer now but I ended up with 1/2" higher than before. Because the new springs are .200" smaller in diameter I also got a little bonus because I had a slight tire rub at extreme travel before.


    The ride only seems to be a little stiffer but the true test will be if need to put the snow plow on.
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  2. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Great post. Terrific way to measure the spring rate.
  3. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    nice...hope the wife doesn't see the torture you are putting the scale through:p
  4. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    That scale stays in the shop for weighing heavy packages.

    I forgot to mention that I didn't have to cut the flattened ends off the springs like others did. They sit on the perches just fine.
  5. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Cool! I mentioned using a scale like that in my spring thread. Considering how the spring rate testing machine I saw was made doing it your way is pretty accurate. Great job and thanks for the write up!
  6. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Yup, lots of us here have not cut the springs.
    Also, I agree with others that there is a slight bending of the coil away from the tire bead when you do not cut the springs. When I looked at it the first time, I was like "Naa". Second time, I put a strait edge along the entire coil...1/8th inch inner bend.

    Nice job and nice equipment. Aww, the things I could do with that...:rolleyes:
  7. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    Hi there... So from the pictures, it looks like the factory springs on the ACTY are 10" in length? I'm looking at some AFCO 23300CR Coil-Over Spring, 300 lbs./in. Rate, 10 in. Length, 2.625 in. Diameter to put in my 1997 ACTY.

    Here's the deal, I'm not looking for lift... rather stiffness to keep from slight rubbing on the 175/70R13 WinterForce M+S tires when going down a steep incline or when banging into a hard dip running horizontal. Did your AFCO springs cause that much lift? I don't mind a inch or so.

  8. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Can't say, only for the Suzuki.
    I have the #250's and for sure I had 1 3/4" lift and am very pleased with the off-road performance. I can not get the front end of the truck to "bottom-out", no way. It will however, "top-out" a little, but not even remotely as irritating as the original spring set-up, constant "bong-bang-bong-bang" bottoming. "Topping", is not that loud, and does not happen as often as the bottoming.

    Don't forget, that you can always cut-down the springs that you order to make them more loose. #250's are about the max that I would recommend.

    A "ball-park", would be to measure the spring length, as it sits, plus 2. Like 8", as it sits, then 10". More than #250, and you will never see the bottom stops.

    Think about it. "Longer-and-Stronger". "Shorter-and-Weaker".
    ....................."Shorter-and-Stronger". Longer-and-Weaker".

    I think that #300 is way too much but, ask around...:confused:

  9. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    Maybe I will go with #275. Was just looking on Summit Racing web site and found AFCO Coil-Over Spring, 275 lbs./in., 10 in. Length, 2.625 in. Diameter, Chrome Plated springs that look like the ones that OldMachinist installed.
  10. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Don't know,
    Again, not telling you what to do,
    Just that #250's are more than enough.

    Maybe cut the 10" 275's down to the originals, for an acty fit...:confused:

    You're probably out on a limb here...

    Let us know how it works out...:pop:

  11. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    I'm always out on a limb with this little Acty :eek: From what I've been reading, looks like factory HA4 springs are 10" long so I should be ok on the length. So, #250's might be the right combination to give me the support w/o lifting too much.

  12. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    Yes if you're just looking for a little stiffer ride I'd go with the 250# springs.
  13. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    That's what I'm looking for... less travel and just a smidgin of lift, if any. Say, is this the part# you used for the #275? ---> http://www.summitracing.com/parts/AFC-23275CR/

  14. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    Do you think #250 springs will provide much lift, if any? I could probably benefit from an inch of lift but don't want too be too aggressive and then have to shackle that rear to even things up.
  15. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    When I tested my stock springs I came up with 225# so 250# should privide a little lift.
    Yes that Afco part # number is the one I used.
  16. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    What is your reasoning for going with 275# springs instead of 250# ? Is the ride bone rattling? I assume there is no difference between the 97 and 98 Acty suspension systems. Looking at my truck today, I think it could handle 1" or 2" of lift which would be good out here on the farm.

  17. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

  18. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    Ahhhh... now I understand. Makes total sense. I have a little 5' plow I put on my Honda Fourtrax ATV so I know what a plow can do to bring a front end down. Ok, cool... about ready to pull the trigger on the 250# springs. I will post the results.

    Thanks for your help... it's good to have a Acty guru in the forum, we need more folks like you tricking out the persnickety little Honda's.
  19. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    All right, I've got a set of new Afco 10" Extreme Chrome 2-5/8" ID Coil-Over 250 lb Springs (Afco part no. 23250CR) headed my way... Ordered yesterday from Speedway Motors up the road in Nebraska, in stock and shipped out the door this morning.

    I will post pictures of the progress... hopefully not a picture of a hole in the roof of my barn :(
  20. kbruce

    kbruce Member

  21. I second that!
  22. DanTech

    DanTech New Member

    A little late to the game here, I haven't even posted an intro yet...

    I have a '92 Acty, the front springs were very very weak. It would bottom out on the slightest of bumps and dips, let alone doing some light wheeling. I tried a few different scenarios. Took some stock integra springs and cut an inch and a half out of them. They worked, but were way too stiff. The suspension was almost solid. I read a few of the spring threads here and ended up ordering in a pair of QA1 (www.qa1.net) coil over springs. 10in 2.5in ID, and 300lb/in. I went with the 300's because everything lower was going to be a 6-8 week wait. They were cheap enough at under $100, and work great. I'm very happy with the results. I'm 6ft, 235lbs and the ride is pleasant. No more bottoming out or topping out, and the truck sits level. It used to sit nose down. I run 3 different sets of wheels and tires, the stock 155/80-12's, 175/70-13 snows for my light wheeling, and 185/55-15's for running around town. The 15's need a small spacer up front to clear the spring, it was just rubbing the sidewall occasionally, but I have zero clearance issues. I was going to install a 2in lift, but I think the 300in springs are a great compromise. If you are going to be carrying around a couple 200lb + guys in the cab they aren't to stiff. I would say that they give me around an inch and a half of lift while maintaining suspension travel.
  23. Christopher

    Christopher New Member

    Hi everyone,Some time we ignored the ups and down roads and this is the biggest reason for shock spring is not working.I installed some 10 inch long 275 lb 2 5/8" ID Afro chrome plated springs for your car.

    suspension lift kits
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2012
  24. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    We stock new front coil springs for the Honda Acty Mini Truck
  25. SeattleActyVan

    SeattleActyVan New Member

    I'm looking to stiffen up my front suspension to make the van a little more stable for 50 MPH+ rides. I'm planning to put on some bigger and wider tires but am not sure if I should go with 10" springs rated at 250, 275, or 300. I'm not looking for a lift, but I am a bigger guy and have noticed when I drive solo the car pulls to the right a bit so thinking going heavier than 250 would be good, but going full 300 might lift the front up too much.

    I have a 91 Acty Street Van with AWD.

    What are people's thoughts?

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