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Front Coil Springs

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by greg0187, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. jay woods

    jay woods Member

    If anyone is interested I also went with the 250lb springs like greg did on my 93 hijet. I took it to the deer camp last week and we have some VERY rough spots. With me and a passenger(he is 6'2" and 307lbs) I was only able to get it to bottom out one time and it was not that bad. The ride was out standing. I dropped the suspension 1 1/4 inch and had a three inch lift that I cut down to about 1 1/2 inch. I would guess the springs alone lifted it about an inch and a half. Just my opinion it is a perfect match all the way around. Great ride, no bottoming out and not much of an angle on the CV joints. I am very happy with it. Again thatnks greg for the research on the springs.

  2. Rural

    Rural Member

    I saw that one, but was under the impression that the springs may have "relaxed" a bit in the 17 years since my truck was manufactured. That's what I was getting at. Maybe it's just not a problem.
  3. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Rural, Dont forget the other brands of trucks have leaves for springs in rear and us Sambar owners have coils all around.

    I haven't checked but I'm thinking the front coils are different from the rears on a Sambar.

    The difference being the front suspension is McPherson strut while the rear suspension is trailing arm design.

    I think both the O.D. and length's are different from front to back.

    Something to keep in mind, or maybe you could do some checking and let the enquiring minds know.
  4. TAB

    TAB New Member


    If you think the strut assemblies will fit a '93 Daihatsu, I'm interested. PM me with the details. Thanks!
  5. grubbat

    grubbat New Member

    12" spring update (now an 11" spring)

    I finished the job. Here are the specifics:

    1. Before replacing the spring, the stock height was 24" as i indicated in my previous post.
    2. After the spring replacement, the height is now 26.25" unloaded.
    3. The tires tilt outward at the top with no load but they are ok with weight added.

    Before you go out and buy them, please read on. The 12" spring was too much for me as I could not get them compressed far enough with the tools that I had. Also I was concern with the preload that would be on the springs. The fully compressed piston yielded a spring length of 4". The fully extended piston yeilded a spring length of 8.5". That meant that I would have to compress these `12" springs 3.5" just to get them on. If I figured correctly, that was approx 700lbs of preload which was more that I desired. I decided to cut approx 1" off the spring so that I now had 11" springs. The spring rate was no longer 200lbs (im guessing now 225lb).

    If you are mechanically challenged, dont have access to a spring compressor or cut-off tool, you may not want to try this experiment.

    I think that my truck could use some new gas charged struts as there isn't enough damping and too much rebounding. However, I can live with it and I am happy.

    My advise is to go with a 10" spring with whatever rate you desire. It will be easier to install and quicker.

    Now that they are installed, the truck settles approx .25" with no weight and approx .75" with one 250lb person. The springs now appear to be working more as I intended.

    I added a leaf spring to the rear and now my truck sits a bit bed high. I like that look much better than a level sitting truck.

    I now need to get wheels and tires. I want narrow ones in front and wide ones on the rear (all of the tire tucked up under the truck to keep the mud slinging down.) Can anyone suggest a wheel type with the proper backspacing? That would be a big help.

    Thanks and good luck.
  6. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Coil spring rating

    In my U.S. mits manual it lists front springs for LHD 4x4 as 160# with the following dimensions:

    wire dia. x O.D. x free length 10.2 x 80 x 255mm (.401 x 3.14 x 10.0 inches).

    was wandering if 10 inch at 200# would be too much? I'm wanting to get a 1-2 inch lift as well as reducing nose dive. also the shock absorbers have a listed 4.3 inch stroke. Thanks for any input...later, slim
  7. grubbat

    grubbat New Member

    nose dive and lift

    If you want to reduce nose dive and get some lift then you may want to consider Greg's setup. Mine will dive as I want those shocks working but I dont want them bottoming out either. To get my setup, its a lot of work.
  8. Rural

    Rural Member

    Good point. I'd never actually noticed that until today when I stuck my head under to gauge how much stress a load was putting on the suspension. (Based on the springs, this truck can handle pretty big loads.) There is a watershed of usefulness when my truck can safely haul loads of about 1300 pounds (ie. a round bale of hay). I just want to be a little more sure I'm not damaging anything before I attempt this.

    Of course, the springs may not be the weakest link.
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  9. TAB

    TAB New Member

    Today I was out and about on the farm puttering around in my '93 Daihatsu. I definitely need new springs. My dad and I drove around and checked cattle and we bottomed out several times. He's around 170 and I'm 225, so it's not like we are huge. I call it bottoming out, but it's more of a clunking noise. The funny thing is it "clunks" sometimes when it doesn't seem like there's all that much wheel travel.........and then at other times there seems to be a lot of wheel travel but no clunking.

    I attribute the "bottoming out" to a couple of things. First, I believe we Americans are significantly heavier than the Japanese. :) Second, while these trucks seem to be quite 4x4 capable, I think the suspension is set up more for the street and not for offroading. I think a stiffer set of front springs is in order for farm and offroading use. Just my 2 cents worth.
  10. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Don't forget the condition of your shocks plays into this as well.
    A shock that's at the end of it's useful life is going to do a whole lot of damping.
  11. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    How long are we gonna let this guy spam for?
  12. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Thats one hell of a manual. I've been wondering if the pre 99 year model trucks had lighter weight springs. The word on the street is that the Mits struts are firmer than the Daihatsus. If I wouldn't have trashed my old springs I would have given them to you to try out.

  13. grubbat

    grubbat New Member


    I have used my setup for a couple of weeks and have to say that I need new gas pressureized struts. If I cant find any, i am going to replace my springs with 275lb 10" and be done with it. My struts are so worn out that there is no damping and the rebound will launch the front tires off the ground.

    My truck is a 92 diahatsu 4x4 model.

    anyone know what the structs would cost and where they can be located? Would Mits be better and if so, where to get em.
  14. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    Make sure you really need them. Daihatsu's are soft. Thats all there is to it.

    The first hatsu we ever got, we put new struts in. (Seemed so soft that we assumed something was wrong. ) No difference! Coils are simply too soft for severe off road action.

    So, unless you know they are shot, 100%, dont waste your money. Do the coils instead.

    (But, if you really want, I know a guy that has a pair brand new, OEM, in stock. Not even remotely cheap though... do the coils!)
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2008
  15. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    coil and leaf springs

    Yeah it's a shame you got rid of your old springs - might have been what I needed...Anyway, here's what my mits manual looks like for front and rear (both 2wd and 4wd): later.....slim

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  16. mark flores

    mark flores New Member

    What all is invoved in dropping the suspension? I ordered a set of the 250# springs and my Jumbo is lifted 3". If I drop the middle section that holds the bottom end of the strut, it looks like it might but the steering linkage in a bind.

  17. prw512

    prw512 New Member

    Anyone put new springs on a suzuki carry, are they the same. I have a autoZAM and a carry. I am putting a 3 inch lift and a 2 1/4 on the other, With SNOW Plows . I live in northeastern COLD MN. Came across this forum one sleepless nite and went out a bought two minis. GREAT WEB PAGE GREAT TRUCK. THANKS Phil
  18. okiecat

    okiecat Member

    Well I ordered the springs and an Xroad 2 1/4" lift kit.. First off I tried to put the springs on with the weight of truck and jacking under ball joint. It just lifted the whole truck. Spring compressor!!! Got the on and then added the lift kit front and back. I now had almost 5" in front and 2 1/2 in back. Took out the front spacers, back to about level. But when I drive it around in the lot there is a banging. And it seems very stiff ride. Oh '98 Mitty. I've got to find my bang before I can test it for sure. Also, I lost a lot of brake fluid and I haven't got to town yet but my emerg. brake light stays on. Is that right??
  19. Shrimp Daddy

    Shrimp Daddy Member

    So it sounds like from reading this thread that if you try and place new 10" springs 250# or 275# under your mini with a lift on it you will have further lifted the front end by about 1-2 inches. If your lift is correct in it's installation with regard to proper camber and drop in the differential etc., you may still have problems with extreme cv axle angle? Is there any way to place the springs in the front to stiffen the ride but not raise the front? 250# me and a buddy field dressing at 300# is going to put a strain on those OEM springs. Can a guy go with 9" springs rated at 275" and get the ride benefit without the added height? would you just need to get a better dampening shock, or are you going to have to account for the extra lift of the 10" spring and drop everything even more to compensate?
  20. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    It depends a lot on the individual truck you are working with.
    My Sambar is a '91 has 127k kms on it and the springs seem fine.
    Even with the 165/65R14's on it and stock no lift suspension it doesn't bottom out.

    You can see from the pics there is still clearance for the tires
    and driving home down the logging road at 40~50kmh it wasn't bottoming out going over the potholes.

    You are limited somewhat on what shocks will fit in these trucks, if they are struts up front it's not like any old shock will replace it.
    MiniBrutes.com remarked in another thread that they replaced struts in a vehicle [can't remember brand]
    because they seemed soft only to find the brand new replacements were the same ride exactly.

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  21. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member


    Its all daihatsu. we have no problems with any other trucks. Every daihastu has felt soft in the front.

    New struts made no difference. Its all in the coils.

    A stiffer spring in the stock length is the way to go IMHO.Then use a normal 2" lift.

    I love the Hatsu. Awesome truck other than the soft springs. On the flip side, I beat the living snot out of one, bottoming out, jumping (all 4 in the air) and massive bumps. Sounds REAL bad when it bottoms out, but I havent broke anything yet.
  22. okiecat

    okiecat Member

    Well I finally got to drive the Mitty. On blacktop road its smooth as original. But just backing out of the shop, when I drop off the 2" overhead door lip there is a bang. I'm almost sure the strut is bottoming out. I had to pull on it just to get it up thru the mounting hole. I know a lot of you guys have 2 to 3" lifts, are you having any trouble bottoming out the struts?
  23. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Definatly sounds like a problem. What springs did you get?
  24. okiecat

    okiecat Member

    I ordered the 250# @ 10". They lifted the truck about 1 1/2" without the spacers from the lift kit. I am thinking about taking the springs off and put back originals and add the spacers and see if I have the same problem.
  25. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm...When you hear the bang do you feel it bottoming out? Or is it more like a pop?
  26. okiecat

    okiecat Member

    Its a bang like metal to metal. It sure seems like its bottoming out the strut. I mean, what else could be happening? All the bolts are back in and tight. If I hit any kind of a hole in the road or field it bangs.
  27. danish

    danish Member

    I am almost sure your not bottoming out, it would take a fair amount of weight and force to do that with those springs. I have yet to bottom out mine with the same weight and height and I've hit some holes and ruts. The springs perches, are they flat or do compensate for the wrap of the spring?? When I put mine in, I had to trim the springs since they were flat top and bottom and the perches were offset to accept the wrap. If you put them in without trimming, you could have some bind and it might be hitting against and rubbing the strut...Just a thought...
  28. TAB

    TAB New Member

    As I said in an earlier post, I have a '93 Daihatsu truck with a 2.5" lift and original springs. I did a lot of driving over rough ground over the Thanksgiving weekend. I, too, have experienced the "clunk" or "bang" experienced by others in this thread. In my experience, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to it. At times, it seems like it might be "bottoming out", but at other times when it "clunks" I know it can't be bottomed out. It does seem to occur more often when I have a passenger along with me, suggesting the springs are bottoming out. At other times, it seems like it might be occuring when the truck is in a "twist". I want to get new springs for it, but I'm concerned it won't really fix the problem. :confused:
  29. danish

    danish Member

    The 'klunks' and 'bangs' are just results of the lifting that you will have to live with. If you were driving down a paved road at highway speed and had these you have a reason to be worried but if your driving across a field your going to have them. These springs aren't the 'end-all-be-all' only one step closer (hopefully) to better lift...
  30. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Even if the strut was bottoming out you shouldn't have any metal to metal contact as long as the rubber/foam bump stop internal to the strut was left in place. Get a buddy to lay under the truck and inspect the suspension while someone bounces the truck up and down to see if the gremlin can be found. It may be another suspension component thats out of wack or as others have said that the spring may be popping in and out of the perch.


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