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Front Coil Springs

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by greg0187, Apr 29, 2008.


    DYNOBOB Member

  2. jwetovick

    jwetovick Member

    Thats an awesome project Dynobob. I guess I didn't realize a 23x8x12 tire would fit on a stock 12in wheel? For some reason those carlisle look skinny compared to my STI Black Diamond 23x8x12 but maybe its because I have mine on a set of STI wheels that are a little wider than stock?

    DYNOBOB Member

    Yeah those tires looked skinny. The suzuki factory wheel is only 3.5" wide though (it was a bear to mount them). My AllTrails on factory (4") Hijet wheels look twice as wide.

  4. Houlamiller

    Houlamiller New Member

    It isn't a perfect solution but, if you cannot find good springs, have believed about just experimenting using the bump stops? I remember when i had a number of stops from the friend who accustomed to work on Eibach and essentially the concept was for their services to perform a final "tune". You will find several "coil over conversions" available. I've one for my Volkswagen but haven't installed it yet. Essentially, a coilover adapter sits within the normal spring perch and enables you to definitely both use standard 3"(?) coil springs AND adjust the peak. I'm going to did around during my stuff and find out basically will find the title of these.

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  5. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Funny, I have a set of "Ground Control" coilover adapters that I've never used for my own VW and was going to see if they'll work on the Daihatsu strut. I also have a collection of Eibach bump stops to try as well as I'm never going to get around to "tuning" my old Golf any more than it already is
  6. After reading about 2/3rds of this thread, I feel that I can make a few assumptions.

    First, I have a 92 Honda HA4 with no lift kit, and I have 25x8x12 tires on it. With 2 people in the cab, the tires do rub on the top of the wheel well when I hit a bump.

    Here is what I am assuming, tell me if I'm wrong. (And, all of this is for the front wheels only)

    1. Adding heavier duty coil springs will help keep the tires from rubbing.
    2. Adding heavier duty coil springs will not adversely affect the CV Joints.
    3. Changing the coil springs can usually be done without any special tools or spring compressor.
    4. Adding a 2" lift kit will also help keep the tires from rubbing, but may cause more wear on the CV Joints.

    So, if what I assume is correct, the best option to keep the tires from rubbing is the heavier duty coil springs and not a lift kit??

    If you guys think I am correct, I will order some heavier coil springs.

    DYNOBOB Member

    All your statements are correct. You'll like the stiffer springs.

  8. rwsem

    rwsem Member

    OK- wife had a headache so I read all 18 pages. When test driving the 1988 S81P that I plan to buy Tuesday, I noticed a hard clunk while traveling across some RR tracks. It looks like the struts are shot (leaking evident) and since I'll be replacing those- you folks have convinced me to change the springs as well. What I think I understand is the older vehicles have a bit lighter springs.
    Would I be better suited with 225#, 250#, or another weight for the '88 HiJet? Are the '88s 10" as well? Primary use will be gravel roads with washboard and ruts; I plan to add a winch and tube bumper.
    Also- any recommendation on replacement struts would be appreciated.
    Finally- has anyone else tried the add-a-shock to the control arm that was mentioned previously? Maybe that would be smarter in the long run and more cost effective than replacing struts?

    Best Regards, Ron
  9. Jacques Morin

    Jacques Morin New Member

    Hello al
    is it possible to use yamaha rhino or other uTV front suspension ???? And which one
    thanks good site
  10. tcencore

    tcencore New Member

    Spring source

    Hello all, I am new member to this forum and to the mini truck world. Just bought a 1992 Daihatsu Hijet about a month ago and have already started with alot of the mods suggested by this forum. Have read almost all 18 pages of this thread and unless i missed it did not see Summit Racing mentioned as a source for the coil springs. Just ordered 10" 2-1\2" 275# springs over the weekend and should receive them today by the tracking. I went with the 275's because of the weight in the front (bumper, winch, off road use etc.). Springs were $34.95 each plus shipping. Truck had 2" lift and 23" tires when I got it. Planning on leaving the lift out and see how it works. Already lowered the rear some due to differential roar, and roar is now gone. Previous owner had rear raised somewhat higher than front, too much imho.
  11. RollTider123

    RollTider123 Member

    I also have problems with my front end bottoming out. Keep us posted if this helps.
  12. tcencore

    tcencore New Member

    Update...Got Springs installed no problems. Truck does excellent. No more bottoming out, no more tire rub on springs. I left the 2-1\2" lift that was in the truck out and only lost about 1-1\4" in height. Had a roar while driving since i had the truck and i thought it was the tires. Apparently must have been the cv joints because the roar is gone now that the truck is somewhat lower. Still can here the carlisle tires but much quitter than before. The 275# springs i feel are right for my situation and seem like they will work well. Ride is not harsh, just firm. Very happy with the upgrade.
  13. TerikImports

    TerikImports New Member

  14. tcencore

    tcencore New Member

    that is the correct size but i bought summit brand
  15. Borg

    Borg Member

    Anyone know the cheapest place to get some coils?

    Or does anyone know if there are any air bag kits you can retro-fit to the existing struts?
  16. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Air bags? Now that's a thought.
    Never crossed my mind. There's got to be a air bag out there somewhere.
    How about it Mr. Nelson, I know this will get your thinking cap running.
  17. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    I've known a bunch of windbags but nothing about airbags,
  18. Borg

    Borg Member

    Well I found coils for as cheap as $140 shipped for a pair in Canada. They're Eibach coils too, not some off brand ones.
  19. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    that's not bad,I've got some good deals from Speedway on their garage sale items which are usually returns.The last springs I got were $29 ea.
  20. Borg

    Borg Member

    It's less than $20 cheaper to buy from Speedway, but once they cross the border, it'll get taxed and dutied... so it well end up costing more.

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