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Front and Rear Bumper Build

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by jkade72, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. jkade72

    jkade72 Member

    I am in the process of building me some bumpers, I just thought I would share the progress. The rear is done and the front is coming along. I am going to bend up a bar to go across the top of the new front bumper that will go about as high as the plastic bumper. I am also going to weld in a reciever so I can use a winch on the front as well. As for the winch I am going to buy this Smittybilt since it is on sale and free shipping.

    They ain't perfect but all I have in them is my time since I had the metal laying around.

  2. nachtigallian

    nachtigallian New Member

    Thanks for posting these pics. I'm thinking of the best way to do front and rear bumpers and receivers but I am concerned with the spare tire in the back. I would like to still be able to access that space but I don't want to mount the bumper too low. Also don't really want to have the spare in the bed or anywhere else. I was wondering how you worked around this? Any suggestions?
  3. OutdoorsNS

    OutdoorsNS Member

    Very Nice Looking, any pictures showing more on how the front is mounted on truck?
  4. 0neshot

    0neshot Member

    I would like to see some pictures of how you attached the channels to your truck also!
  5. james23

    james23 New Member

    Generally, car bumpers are made of a plastic cover reinforced by a bar made of steel, fiberglass composite, plastic or aluminum. In addition to crushable brackets and a bar, bumpers sometimes incorporate polypropylene foam or formed thermoplastic. Bumpers protect important equipment on your car such as headlights, taillights, hood and exhaust and cooling systems.
  6. Phinney2

    Phinney2 New Member

    yes i would like to know how to mount the chanel to the font of the truck too. some pics or just info would be grate thank you
  7. Wyothing

    Wyothing New Member

    It has been a while since I built mine but I welded a bracket I made right onto both the inside and outside of the frame up front. Then bolted the bumper to that frame. It is rock solid. I have a winch for the receiver and it is wired both front and back with remote. It has saved me twice from a long hike home. I think there are some pictures on my profile page.

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