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fluid capacities

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by glaplante31, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. glaplante31

    glaplante31 New Member

    I have 1999 suzuki carry db52t with f6a engine. I will be replacing the clutch kit and am planning on changing tranny fluid, and differential fluids as well. Going to synthetic. Does anyone know how much fluid the tranny and diffs hold. The stuff isn't cheap and don't want extra sitting around if I can avoid it!! Thanks in advance.
  2. erixun

    erixun Member

  3. glaplante31

    glaplante31 New Member

    Thanks, that should get me close!
  4. funbard

    funbard New Member

    This will help!

    Part Brand Part Number
    Spark Plugs NGK DCPR7E
    Alternator Belt Dayco Top Cog 15300 11A0760
    AC Belt Dayco Top Cog 15310 11A0785
    Engine Oil Filter Fram PH3614 Wix 51348
    Engine Oil 4 Liters of 5W30 SJ SE to SJ
    Transmission Oil 3.5 Liters Int AXC API GL-4 75W90
    Front Differential Oil 0.8 Liters API-GL5 80W90
    Rear Differential Oil 1.3 Liters API-GL5 80W90
    Brake Fluid DOT 3 Oil
    Coolant 4 Liters
    PCV 9GS 73G10
    Ignition Coil Mitsubishi 33400-76G1
    Fuel Injector (Blue Injector) INP-772 (one side) K799277 (other side)
    Starter Mitsubishi 12V 31100-78A0 0 / 9726 TYPE - M002T13481
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  5. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    I find the FRAM XX4967 is what best matched my 1990 F6A's filter (I use XX as it could be the basic PH or one of the fancier ones...the 4 digits give the size)

    Delco XU22EPR-U (or IXU22 or VXU22) also work for plugs.

    My older F6A only t00k 3.5 L to fill, so I'd recommend starting lower and checking the dipstick...you don't want to overfill it ;)

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