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First time Camo wrap - Lessons learned

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by doraville, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. kegoangoango

    kegoangoango Member

    How much camo wrap?

    Okay, I've read all the posts; looked at several sites; watched a couple of videos on installs; And went to shop.

    Everything I saw was a kit and (surprise, surprise) no one had a kit for a '93 Hijet. :)

    So, how much wrap and how do I order (by sheets?)?

  2. There has never been vehicle specific kits, just camo kits. Basically you need 5 4x5 sheets and some patience and you're all set.
  3. kegoangoango

    kegoangoango Member

    Great, thanks!

    Did some Google searching and now I wonder what's the difference between "boat" sheets and non-boat sheets. Obviously when you search, you see that the non-boat sheet is about 30% more than the boat sheets. Any one know why this is the case? Do you get anything else with the sheets (cleaners, applicators, razor)?
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  4. kegoangoango

    kegoangoango Member

    I show read more before I ask questions!!

    I did some more research on Google and found this on camomyride.com
    "All boat kids, boat sheets and motor kits are designated for watercraft application. This material has a special adhesive designed for watercraft and water related items. This material is not to be used on automotive, ATV or other vehicle applications. Please use only the recommended vinyl kits for best results."

    Maybe if you really know what you are doing, you might be able to get away with using the watercraft product - but it sure isn't something a one-timer (like me) will want to use.

    (and you get an applicator with the kit)
  5. sdjenk

    sdjenk New Member

    Just completed a camo wrap on my 98 mitsubishi and as others have found out it is a PIA to do, but I had a guy help me who does it at his shop. He used a torch to heat it up to remove wrinkes and to stretch it. If you have never applied it I would reccomend using a heat gun. If you heat it to much it will shrink into a little ball. With all that being said be sure to have the areas clean before you start that you want to cover. It's like anything else the better the prep the better the job. It took us seven hours to do and he knew what he was doing, so make sure to have enough time if you plan on finishing the same day.
  6. erixun

    erixun Bronze Supporting Member


    What pattern did you go with? You do everything or just stripes? Throw up some pics, man!
  7. sdjenk

    sdjenk New Member

    camo wrap

    I used the realtree hardwoods grey, I haven't had a chance to post the pics. My truck is a work in progress. I had to do all the body work before I could do the camo and it took a lot of time! It looked like someone took a ballpeen hammer to this poor thing! When I post some pics I can show you guys what it looked like when I got it, pretty sad. But with a little time it's going to be a bad little truck!
  8. sdjenk

    sdjenk New Member

    camo wrap

    I did do all the cab except the back, to much of a pain! I did do a strip down the sides (not quite all ) it looks good. I am going to spray bedliner in the bed and over the side to the camo wrap.
  9. jgarrett

    jgarrett Member

    Where is the best place to get the sheets online...cheap cheap cheap
  10. sdjenk

    sdjenk New Member

    I got mine from my buddy who did the wrap I got some other things from him so I really don't know how much the wrap was but I don't think it was cheap. About 300.00 for four sheets. I saw it on ebay for about 275 for four sheets. Not sure but it's 3m and thats what mine is. Makes a big difference with the wrap on it. Ok for you guys that wanted to see it here's a pic. Like I said work in progress but whe it's done it will be sweet! Just finished the fabrication on the rear I will get some pics and post the bumper I made.

    Attached Files:

  11. erixun

    erixun Bronze Supporting Member

    Two thumbs up! Looks good.
  12. OutdoorsNS

    OutdoorsNS Member

    Thanks for advice, i just recieved 5 sheets (5x4) from mossyoak grapics, bought a little squidgey and plan on starting in a few days, maybe later now! i will paint everything tomorrow, and undercoat day after! Then Tackle the Camo, i have it all planned out in my head how i am i going to do it, and it all seems very do-ab-le, but for the last few days somethings been driving me crazy, and i need advice from ANYONE!!! these little rain guard thingers
    photo 2.JPG

    did you just work it into and around them? orr? im dying to see a up-close picture of someone who was done a truck already! any help would be Excellent! Thanks!
  13. wainair

    wainair Member

    You won't be able to camoclad over those so you just do up to them. Some radiuses are too tight for the product to go around. Keep a hair drier around when you are doing the door handle indents. If you heat up the product with the hairdrier a bit you can gently stretch the clad into the indent. But be careful it will rip if you go at it too hard. The other thing I thought I would do when I touch up mine is I am going to seal all the seams with some clear flat kyrlon spray paint. After time water gets under the seams and the clad starts to peel back. I'm hoping that will stop that. I'm not recommending that because I haven't tried it yet. I don't know what effect the paint will have on the clad. I'll have to try it on some scraps before I do it to my truck. Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of the finished project!!
  14. OutdoorsNS

    OutdoorsNS Member

    Yes of course! Pictures are worth a bijillion words, so I will take as many as I can, let me know how that edge sealer works
  15. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    Remember that camo4u offers members of this forum a discount on the camo sheets - it is $50/sheet for any pattern except mossy oak. I think the mossy oak patterns are more like $80 a sheet....

    You can click the patterns button at www.camo4u.com to see them all....

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