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FI turbo Mitsubishi

Discussion in 'Performance' started by seriousdiesel, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. seriousdiesel

    seriousdiesel New Member

    While looking in our parts piles the other day I noticed one of the two mitsubishi engines out of minitrucks that we recently parted out were fuel injected and the wheels started turning. I have a hitachi ht06 turbo and all the flanges cut for inlets, outlets, ect. I also have a BOV, and the turbo is internal wastegate. I am going to swap all this in to my 96 with power steering and A/C. Anyone know what all I need to swap besides engines? Im assuming maybe the dash and wiring need swapped as well and the fuel pump. Any one know the base fuel psi on a FI 98 or the size of the injectors? ill post pics of what im working with soon. TIA

  2. Depending on the size of the factory injectors you may need larger ones. But that should be easy to do. Fuel pump may need swapping out. But the good thing about this is that factory items from normal sized cars will be plenty for the small truck motor.

    Will need some sort of aftermarket computer to run the motor. I doubt the factory computer would be able to do so. The money you spend here decides on how well the truck drives, economy, smoothness etc.
  3. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

  4. seriousdiesel

    seriousdiesel New Member

    I'm hoping to just use a rail mounted fuel regulator for the extra fuel. Im only planning on low boost, like 7 or 8 psi. Im a dealer for glowshift gauges also so I thought I would do a air fuel gauge, tach, and boost.
  5. seriousdiesel

    seriousdiesel New Member

    When did the fuel injection stuff happen in Mitsubishis? The truck that the FI engine was in says the engine is a 3g83.......... which is the same as my 96 carb truck?
  6. misterturbo

    misterturbo Member

    The Mitsubishi Toppo/Minica/Bravo (Van based on the Minicab) all used 3G83 engines from 1990 to 1993. Most versions carb, some were EFI and a smaller fraction were EFI Turbo (Toppo R, Minica DanganZZ and Bravo Mgz)

    So if you source an ECU from the wreckers in Japan you should probably be all set to go..

    In 1994 and onwards, Mitsubishi started using the 4A30 (4cyl 660cc) engine in most of their Kei cars so make sure you get something from a vehicle before 1994.
  7. seriousdiesel

    seriousdiesel New Member

    The van stuff is a good idea. I was thinking a fmu with low boost and I may be able to keep the stock fuel injectors and pump. An aftermarket fuel pump is easy an im hoping inj will be easy to get if i need them.

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