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F6A SOHC valve train part

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by SuzyQCarry, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. SuzyQCarry

    SuzyQCarry New Member

    Does anyone know that part number for the piece that presses into the cylinder head under the exhaust valve adjuster? Looks like a tappet/lifter with an oil hole and 6 of them press into the cylinder head. The exhaust adjuster then "clips" into it. See red arrow in the picture. Its for an f6a SOHC engine. Thanks. f6a cylinder head.jpg
  2. Mark Hoffmanner

    Mark Hoffmanner New Member

    I just got new head too, can't find any reference on part of process to install new one into head. Did you find any info?
  3. SuzyQCarry

    SuzyQCarry New Member

    I used the ones from the old head - easy to get out and they just press in the new head. My old ones were fine but if I needed to replace one I would probably have to get a used one. I checked everywhere for a part number or replacement and came up empty.

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