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F6a 12 valve exhaust valve

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by KCCats, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    How do you get to the exhaust valves?"
    Do you go with feeler under the cam itself?
  2. WendyM

    WendyM New Member

    I'm in the same boat...nothing seems to work and can't find anything on internet. Ended up just loosening them off a little (cause intake were super tight as well). More get up and go...sounds like a happy sewing machine so I guess that's about right lol! If you ever find out, can you post it here? thanks.
  3. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I think Fred had said yes and I didn't see any way to get to the tappet itself?
    All of mine were tight too.
    My DB51 now has 70kil on it and I just did the timing belt water pump..
    This looks to be the first time in over 27 years the engine has been opened?

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