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Equus tachometers for three cylinder engines

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry References' started by John Canfield, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. John Canfield

    John Canfield Member

    I'd like to install a tach in the 'wee beastie' and thanks to the forum, I knew that Equus had at least one model that would work with a three cylinder engine. I sent sales an email asking which models would work, their response is below:


    Our model 6068, 7068, 8068, and 8080 will work on 1-12 cylinder
    vehicles. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to
    reply to this e-mail or call one of our ASE Certified Staff Members at
    1-800-544-4124. We are available Monday through Friday 5am - 6pm
    Pacific Time.

    -Technical Support
  2. 700saber

    700saber Member

    yup..don't remember what model but i bought mine from Canadian tire...clipped the pickup around the coil wire...set it to 3 cyl...and worked no problem
  3. carry92

    carry92 Member

    Now all we need are some numbers to go with the tach.

    Peak torque at 4000 RPM
    Peak HP at 6000 RPM
    Red line at ???? RPM:confused:

    These numbers are not in my James Danko, English shop manual.
    Can they be verified for an official Suzuki source?
  4. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Anyone have a tach, and STOCK sized tires?

    I want to know rpm's at 60,70, and 80km's for a 94 Carry, w/4sp.

    also, would like to know the spacing of the carb mounting bolts, if anyone has a Carry carb laying around??

  5. carry92

    carry92 Member

    In 4th gear on my 92 carry 60 kph is 4000 rpm 100 kph is 6000 rpm.
    Roughly 1000 RPM per every 10 MPH.
  6. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Perfect!!!! Thanks, I didn't think anyone was ever gonna' reply!!:)
  7. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    does the carry have a 1:1 4th gear?
  8. andy_george

    andy_george Member

    At the bottom of this page:


    it lists the specs for the minicabs. The top of the line minicab has a 4 speed auto, but mine only has the 3 speed auto. Could I assume that the ratio of my third gear is the same as the third gear in the four speed, and I am just missing a gear? Therefore making my final drive 1:1?

    The reason I ask is that I can't find a tach for my truck as it seems to be too new. It doesn't have a coil with wires off it to each cylinder, but rather it's the setup with each cylinder having a plug/coil (one unit) setup, with only electrical wires leading to each cylinder. Anyways, if I thought my final drive was close to some the trucks you guys have, I can kinda figure my RPM's based off your calculations (example...10mph = 1000rpm's).


  9. danish

    danish Member

    Here's a picture of the 8068 I installed on my Carry. Also, I've taken out the radio and have installed three power outlets and a voltmeter (which isn't hooked up or mounted yet.)

  10. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Look's Good :)
  11. leurs

    leurs New Member

    Where do you connect the wirring of your tach sir. The green,red,white and the black wire.

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