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EPA to effeectively halt importation of mini-truck

Discussion in 'EPA Regulations' started by Krakatoa, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. pepci

    pepci Member

    Well then I guess China is going to try and make a killing on us with there junky Tatanka trucks I have seen. THG or Marvin Hagedorn from Idaho is trying to push these lil POS'S on us now and in my opinion China makes junk everything. Look at Kymco 4 wheelers and there scooters. They fall apart in less than a year and are good for nothing. So be on the lookout for these trucks being sold out of Cal. and marketed as being legal for road use. I am PO'ed that the EPA is putting a halt to the mini's but on the other hand I am just happy as heck that I have a couple of my own. When you think about what they are doing it is my opinion that some of the Utility vehicle dealers like Polaris,and the likes are probably sitting back loving this outcome as they can make more sells of their high priced crappers too.Be aware and watch out for what is next to come from this folks. pepci
  2. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Tiger Trucks are Chinese owned, yet are built in Oklahoma. I don't believe they are junk and might provide a decent alternative.
  3. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Could be, but the prices are sky high.

    How 'bout this $10k POS from China? Ohio's gonna' license this crap!!
    Note how he holds it, so it doesn't tip over!!:D:D:D
  4. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    well, tiger trucks can range from $11,000-$16,000 But for a brand new vehicle, I wouldn't say that is 'sky high' considering most people spend closer to $29,000 for full size pickup trucks. (note that the 'tiger champ' is the size of a full size and has payload of 3,300+lbs) Sure, they are higher than $7500, but once again, they aren't 10yrs old either.
  5. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Unfortunately, as far as I know,they too, are NOT street legal. And, their base 2wd Tiger Star model, (kei sized!!) is $12,595. top speed=25mph!!

    The bigger Champ, is almost $15k, extended cab, $17.5K

    Sorry, I stand by my original statement. We're better off with a Kei!
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2008
  6. pepci

    pepci Member

    They are assembled in Oklahoma. They are expensive and won't last like my Suzuki will.And again they will prove themselves like the Mini hauler from the Phillipines did.
  7. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


  8. canadian1

    canadian1 Member

    Street Legal

  9. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    All mini-trucks including domestic ones (tiger trucks) will be street legal in Oklahoma next month, so they are an alternative option here anyways.
  10. gregw98

    gregw98 Member

    All I can say is that I had an 'original' Mini Cooper that was titled as a 1971. But I did notice that the seatbelts were made in 1992. I bought it from a guy that had brought it into the United States and it passed U.S. Customs inspections. And that is all I know. Do you get my point?
  11. pepci

    pepci Member

    What good is a 25 mph truck for the street? Besides who wants a truck made in china that is not a mini truck as per it's dimensions. It is more of a full size but junkier than the real deal.
  12. mc22958

    mc22958 New Member

    As I see it it will all come down to price. You will still be able to import the Kia trucks from Japan but it may be costly to convert them to spec. What ever spec that is, determined according to its use. Loop Holes are a interesting thing and some Lawyer will figure one out for these trucks. However, I do believe that the engines will have to pass some sort of certification. That cost may kill the importation. The one hope is to start bringing the trucks in as parts and building them back here in the States. The problem with this is they probably would only be able to be used off road. And once the company doing this got big enough they would be more noticeable to the DOT and EPA. Once this happens all of the rules must be followed and ultimately would shut down the company. This business plan has been followed in many Gray market automobile companies. Even the kit car manufactures are having this problem with the Feds.
    Now if the trucks are re-built in another country and brought in as a 25 year old truck, or a 25 year old truck is brought in, that will be a different story. Quite personally I believe that this is the only long term viable plan to keep bringing them into the states. Of course a few may slip in under the radar but not in any significant numbers. Get um while they are hot.....:pop:
  13. ATVtruck.com

    ATVtruck.com New Member

    Let's put some money on the Tiger Truck. Get a brand new Tiger truck and I will get a 1995 Suzuki Carry with 100k. Let’s start in LA and head east. First one to DC wins the prize. Now who would put money down on a Tiger Truck?

    This is merely a hypothetical, not actually planning this. Main reason being the long shot would need astronomical odds to get any bets. The other reason is Tiger Trucks (AKA the Long Shot) and mini trucks are for off road use only.
  14. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Last edited: Oct 24, 2008
  15. pepci

    pepci Member

    My money would not be on the Tiger truck and we all know the reasons. My 91 Suzuki will get there from here in Wa. state if it were legal for the road that is. Just look at the Kymco 4 wheeler and you will see the wondrous engineering and crappy build the chinese build into every rig they put out. Probably even painted with lead paint.
  16. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    I saw this coming over a year ago. I tried warn people on the board, but got nothing but arguments. So I hate to say it....but I told you so.

    To those of you that decided to "trump" federal law with state law are now driving your Kei trucks on the public roads. Hope you never need another one as you have put the dealers out of business.
  17. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    the tatanka truck is being imported as a a.t.v.
  18. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    you are 100% so correct. also the importers. the e.p.a. and d.o.t. have hated these trks. from the very beginning. i really do not know how we where ever allowed to import them in the first place. well it has been fun for the past 4 years but now the party is over. abc i am and will be importing 25 yr. old refurbished trks. you can view 3 of the trks. on my web site if you need any. it is the first 3 trks. green;red and yellow.
  19. windyhill

    windyhill New Member

    It's pathetic that many people are so miss lead and actually have faith in the EPA etc, still. The EPA isn't just a buch of "nice folks" like you and me, sure there might be some nice folks that work there, but mostly what comes from them is more regulations and restrictions on things that don't really affect the environment. Sure there are some good things that may have been accomplished from some EPA laws but the colossal cost to our country and huge amount of freedoms that are swept away in the name of the environment are staggering.

    This is absolutely the type of crap law that they try to pass and we really need to band together and fight it. No amount of regulation will help us here! Get real people!:frustration:

    LETS band together people and show them we care or we'll really loose out here!
  20. Banzai

    Banzai New Member

    This is a load of crap! I am on hold with my Senators office right.

    Using my Kei truck around on the ranch i can't even begin to count or quote the gallons of gas saved over driving my 6.0L 3/4 ton truck around.

    This EPA garbage makes ZERO sense, but it's the gov't so....
  21. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    you may not know this but the fight has just begun is very misleading. the fight is over and e.p.a. and d.o.t. have won. some of us importers have been fighting this for the past 12 to 24 months. JUST REMEMBER THIS: FEDERAL LAW ALWAYS SUPERCEDES STATE LAW. one more thing; when this goes into effect and you are caught on any roadway the fine is $30,000 and the trk. goes to the shredder.
  22. Kei Truck Association - One Voice, Join Now!!!


    I am volunteering to take the lead on forming the KTA. There are many small businesses involved in this industry but as a whole, we are completely unorganized!

    We must establish organization in our industry. Please, all dealers and importers register for our KTA by emailing your business name, address, phone and email address ASAP! to kta@consumerimports.com

    We absolutely must take a stance now!

    Send email to Join; Kei Truck Association
  23. bob bender

    bob bender New Member

    As an PA State Emission Inspector and mini cab owner I see no reason why my mistu would not pass our test required for all on road vehicles. My mini has evap system,egr system cat converter,fuel inlet restrictor,pcv valve. I am sure all the gas golf carts in this country are smog approved! good luck Bob
  24. boosted mitsu

    boosted mitsu Member

    I just got off the phone with the EPA and there is still hope. i got the specifics and talked to a company that can certify these engine. it will cost some but it will not be an arm and a leg. at least not for us since we are located close to one.
    we should be able to sell the mini trucks without a significant increase in price. :)
    i will be taking one down for inspection today or tomorrow. i'll let you guys know my results.
  25. TractorDre

    TractorDre New Member

    I waiting for this to happen after reading and posting about the new imports.

    If you figure that Companies like Tiger Star who is building them state side and Chrysler looking into importing them. You have to get rid of the competition even if its used equipment.

  26. TractorDre

    TractorDre New Member


  27. Beviecaye

    Beviecaye New Member

    Does anyone have a sample letter that could be sent to our legislatures. I would be glad to storm the gates, but I must be honest, I am a newby and haven't had a lot of time to research - in fact, just today found out about the EPA issues.

    And.... up until today, didn't realize it was a negative thing for MY state to have legalized these. I was actually excited about being able to drive from my residence to our farm. We have only had our truck a short time, and I LOVE it. Of course then the GOVERMENT has to step in. URG....

    Any info I can use to compose my complaint to the Oklahoma US representatives and senators would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  28. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    That, is NOT gonna' happen in the U.S.
  29. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    in arizona it's $450 for no registration and no insurance... i've got insurance :D so i'll pay just a little less than $30k for ticket. and the worst they can do is impound it, but the i think you've been watching too many cartoons to think it goes to the shredder :confused:
  30. StubbleThumper

    StubbleThumper New Member

    Possible EPA Solution - GMC Style

    General motors ran into a similar senario in 1999/2000. They could not meet the EPA emission standards in California on the full size Pickup truck. Their direct from the factory band aid solution.....

    "the solution to polution is dillusion"

    There was a limited number of Silverado trucks produced with exhauste blowers on them. I'll admit i have been out of the R & D business for 5 years now so the EPA mesuarment method may have changed. But if they are still measuring the emissions as PPM or % rather than total emissions heres your band aid solution. Install air pumps on the truck and pipe them into the exhaust system.

    The other method is replace the catalytic converter in Japan before the trucks are shipped out.
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