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Epa News Cold Hard Facts

Discussion in 'EPA Regulations' started by BIG DADDY, Oct 29, 2008.


    BIG DADDY New Member

    Well Before I Start This I Must Say There Will Be Some Mad People Over This. I Spook With A Epa Offical This Moring, I Called Him Monday And Left Him A Meesage. He Called Me Back Today. I Told Him That I Had Some Questions About What Is Going On With The Mini Trucks. I Asked Him What Pulled The Trigger On This Deal. I Said Let Me Guess Everyone That Is Get Them Taged And Put On The Roads, He Said If That Was Not Happaning, ( We Would Have Never Pushed This Issue).

    So With Being Said Thank You To Everyone That Made This Happen. These Trucks Was Brought In As Off Road Use Only. Out Of All The Paper Work That I Recieved On These Truck From The B/l To My Invoices. It Says For Off Road Use Only. He Said To Me Today That They Will Get A Handle On The Ones That Is On The Road Ways It May Take Some Time But They Will Take Care Of Them.

    He Said That They Are Not Trying To Stop Them From Coming Into The Usa, They Just Want Them To Comply With The 2008 Emisions That They Have In Place. (no More Junk)so Every Importer That Brought These Trucks In And Got It Stuck To You. Thank The Epa Because It Will Not Happen Anymore. There Is Alot Of People Blaming The Atv Industry It Is Was Not Them.

    I Know That There Is Alot Of People Out There That Would Love To See Them On The Road, But Guess What They Was Not Brought In For That Reason. Yea Your State Passed A New Law They They Are Legel To Drive On The Roads, Thats Great Lets Drive The Wheels Off Of Them. Even Though The Government Said No, Well Guess What When You Get Ready For Another It Is Going To Cost You Alot More Money, Because Of The Testing That Has To Be Done To These Trucks Now.

    Everyone Needs To Chill Out For A Little Bit And See What They Are Going To Do. We Must Comply With What They Are Wanting Us To Do (you Can Not Beat Them It Is The Government) I Also Asked About Trucks Arriving On Or Before Dec 8 2008. He Stated They Would Be Ok, He Said That They Are Trying To Decided On If They Are Going To Base The Cut Off Line On Invoice Dated Or Ship Date From Japan.

    This Is The Cold Hard Facts. Let Me Say This One More Time, Thanks To All That Broke The Rules And Put Them On The Road. Im Sorry If I Have Made Anyone Mad But That Is How It Is.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2008
  2. Right on big daddy, I brought this up about a month ago, I totally agree with you. If everyone had left well enough alone none of this would be happening
  3. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    I am so sorry that some states dont have the balls to do what the CITIZENS want. Remember this country belongs to all of us, not just government employees. Why don't they ask each state to have the taxpayers, the ones who pay out of their pockets to the government employees for wages, to vote if they want more of the fuel saving trucks in America. I am proud to live in my state of Oklahoma where we still have a little vote power. Probably the one who is messing with the trucks is a person who is just trying to prove he is really smart and the Government needs to keep him on payroll.I have saved many a gaqllon of fuel checking my cattle and land this year by driving my small truck. Guess there was not a oil shortage to start with, just big Government ripping us taxpayers off. Hope I DO make some mad and maybe they will get off their butts and talk to the ones they pay taxes to. ray allen...OKLAHOMA
  4. suggest we all get together on fighting this on the EPA to effectively block importation thread. seems to have the best answers going so far. Lets all work together not singularly or in 2 groups
  5. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    When gas was over $4 a gallon, expecting folks to NOT try to get them licensed, is nuts. WTH did you expect? Continue bending over for Big Oil?

    Lashing out at those lucky enough to be able to actually use them onroad, is misplaced anger. Direct it toward those who deserve it. We're ALL getting screwed from every possible direction. Join the club!:frustration:

    And NO, mine isn't plated!

  6. I'll step right up here. I'm for the States that licensed them as an ATV. Thank you South Dakota for showing these trucks to us - like the tags and smiles and many want one now. There not hid in the farmers corn fields with the pheasants anymore. This has really increased there visibility and interest here - selling like crazy. I can only speculate on the regressive attitude by some here! You should NOT be in business.

    I support those who are serious about the expansion of the mini-truck world. Please come forward, provide solid documentation, etc that we can utilize to help you...and in the end, help everyone! Sign me up...I want to help out the best I can. Show me the sticky thread and keep the forum notices coming.

    Aberdeen, SD
  7. gregw98

    gregw98 Member

    First off, Big Daddy get rid of all the caps in your posts, makes it too hard to read. Secondly, I don't own a farm, a horse or cow. I don't hunt. I do like these mini trucks, have for years. I bought mine because they are street legal in Mississippi and don't give a rat's butt about taking it off road, I have a Toyota 4x4 for that purpose or the Honda Rancher. These trucks were not originally designed as off road vehicles in Japan, that came about when they were brought into the USA. I am in 100% compliance with the law and am using my truck daily on the streets and roads of MS and LA. I will continue to do so until I get a piece of paper from the Feds, State or the EPA themselves. You have some brass ones blaming the the street users for the EPAs uprising. I would bet that there aren't 100 of these trucks on the highways of MS and you are trying to convince me that some EPA guy got his feathers ruffled by passing one on some backroad somewhere. Since they are not legal in most states, to be on the highways, I seriously doubt that highway useage is what sent up the red flares for the EPA to check us out. I believe 100% that the ATV makers are the ones lobbying to stop this. I know several people that have sold their ATVs to get a Kei truck. Your idea of everyone pulling together is not going to work with you trying to put blame on a few street legal mini truckers. You need to get your facts together before you start pointing fingers. That is unless this is your idea of working together and making new friends.
  8. mc22958

    mc22958 New Member

    Both of the EPA and DOT guidelines were adopted by the government to protect the citizens. These rules were adopted and enacted, on the federal level, by the congress. If you do not like them then talk to your congressmen/women. Personally I like the safety and EPA guidelines that have taken place. It has not only made the air cleaner but the roads we travel safer. As a firefighter I have seen more than my fair share of accidents. The cars safety equipment in todays cars is fantastic. The Kia trucks have little to none of this safety equipment that is required for todays cars and trucks. If you drive your Kia on the road not only are you taking your life in your own hand but also somebody Else's. (I am not a lawyer or play one on TV) On a legal note if you are driving your Kia on the road and cause an accident you may be a lot more liable than you realize. And that insurance you think you have, may not cover you. It may be easy for the insurance company to get out of the claim. Why do you want to expose yourself and your family to that?
  9. gregw98

    gregw98 Member

    Because I like to drive my truck on the road and I don't have a pasture. That is the reason I bought it. Guess they will recall my other vehicle too, a 1964 Chevy van. Also tagged, inspected and insured.
  10. Cape Ape

    Cape Ape Member


    Here is the frustration. If there is enough interest in bringing in the trucks for on road use, then the federal regulations should have been amended. As it is, there is an assumption that these trucks are no longer speed regulated if they are on-road which violates the federal regulations. This also by-passes the processes in place for the govt to assign a higher duty for on-road vehicles. Many states (such as Oregon) consider kei trucks ATVs. I am not sure of the state-by-state regulations, but by allowing them on-road as ATVs it doesn't affect the import class of the trucks (and is much more likely to get support with a larger population base).

    All this being said, I am a strong believer in State's rights, and I can see the appeal of having these trucks on the road from a fuel economy and infrastructure impact standpoint. However, there is no faster way to raise the dander on a government agency than by affecting their support structure-ie duties. This state-by-state end around on the regulations has quite large ramifications for those of us who make our livings at this business, have invested in infrastructure and have carefully followed through on selling the trucks for off-road use as they were classed at import.

  11. SpikeFiend

    SpikeFiend Member

    What percentage of those accidents have involved kei trucks? I have 5-6 dealers in my province and I have never seen even ONE wrecked, whereas SUV's and full trucks are rolled over in the ditch constantly.

    Kia's are pieces of crap, but these are Kei trucks...totally different. I can think of two vehicles much more dangerous than Kei trucks (and many more that are slightly more dangerous),

    1) Motorcycles-No safety equipment at all. Full leather gear is not required. Helmet laws vary from place to place.

    2) Hummers-Driven by jackasses on cell phones. The 80lb middle aged lady (scared of her own shadow) is pretty safe, but she just killed an entire family in a "safety" sedan..oops!

    So a kei truck affords much more protection than a motorcycle (which have no licensing/safety issues?) and is less dangerous to other vehicles on the road (due to a much lower weight). Plus, airbags have a questionable history. 158 people have been killed by airbags in the USA between 1990 and 2000 in otherwise non-life threatening accidents (in some cases the person would not have been injured at all). Airbags only reduce the risk of injury by 2%...Amazing!


    As long as you haven't misrepresented what you were insuring (i.e. lying) and weren't in breach of the insurance terms (drunk, high, robbing a bank, etc...) there's no reason you'd have any more of a hassle than with any other car.

    If you have cable, there's no reason to leave the round padded room, eh?

    If that all sounded a bit harsh, I apologize. It's because I'm tired of being told that "safety features" are more important than "safe driving". I don't need someone to force me to do what they THINK is safe, I'd like the choice and make an informed decision.
  12. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

    I just think it is funny how he uses the caps. A little off base but funny.
  13. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    hi i am from canada and the problems you guys are having are not affecting me but who knows. the thing about the ATV's maybe causing this is possible. i own a bicycle shop and about three years ago a canadian bike builder lobbied the government to put higher import tax's (from 13% to 30%) on bikes coming from off shore because the canadian bike builder said it wasn't fair that all these bikes were being imported, and that it was damaging there business. the government said to them NO...if you can't compete you shouldn't be in the business:D
    this sounds the same kind of, so i would say find out if and who is talking to your government and get in on those meeting to make sure your side is heard.
  14. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Member

    Mini trucks

    I have a 1990 Vespa with a sidecar. I really would not want to be hit while driving it. The Minis I have and sell offer a lot more protection. I would be willing to wear a helmet while on the road in a mini if that would make the feds happier.

    dan woodysminitrucks.com
  15. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    OMG!! I'd draw the line there!!!:D No helmets required in Ohio, tho' I usually wear one for wind/bug protection. The ugly li'l Chinese 3 wheeled trucks require a motorcycle endorsement, so I assume you have to wear a helmet while using your temporary permit. Now THAT, is funny!

    As if the truck isn't goofy enough, driving it wearing a helmet??? Priceless!!:D

    Besides, the biggest danger would be to your legs/feet. Thinking about THAT, makes me drive extra safe!!

  16. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    that truck is great...do you have this?
  17. mc22958

    mc22958 New Member

    Spikefiend. I am sorry that I did not make my point clear. Let me try again... The Kia truck does not contain the same safety equipment as any other passenger car or truck that was produced for sale in the USA for that model year. It is your decision on how to use it. My point was to know what your exposure and risk may be.
    As far as safety equipment and air bags...Go down to the local fire department and ask them what they think. And Motorcycle deaths are up. The only category of vehicle accidents where the death rate is increasing. But of course that has nothing to do with Kia trucks, unless you hit one.
  18. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Kia = Brand of automobile from Asia
    Kei = Class of vehicle from Japan
    They are not interchangeable in use
  19. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    NO...NO....NO NO NO, NEVER, EVER!!:D:D

    I think those are the most god awful looking contraptions ever to come from China!! (so far):rolleyes:

    I have a Suzuki Carry!!

    My point was, Ohio is gonna' legalize THOSE!!! They won't plate my Carry, but if I take one frt wheel off, make it tippy and unstable, with less braking efficiency, THEN, Ohio will call it a motorcycle, and PLATE IT!!

    Does ANYONE see ANYTHING about that truck that is safer than my Carry?

    This Country is NUTZ!!!:cool:
  20. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    That bugs ya' huh?

    Me too!!:D

    I wonder if Kia makes a Kei model?
  21. mc22958

    mc22958 New Member

    oopse..me bad sorry didn't want to insult anybody
  22. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    I still haven't found anything better than this quote from wikipedia that sums it up nicely:
    But heck no, we can't allow kei trucks on our streets!
    The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

    Upfront I am Canadian so the EPA issue isn't my fight.

    But I see people posting trying lay blame, instead they should be looking forward and trying to unite to solve the problem.

    Also some serious ear bending of the right peole to find out who exactly pushed the buttons to bring this into the spot light i.e. lobbyist's for ? we all know $$$ talks very loud.
  23. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Not a prob, just don't do it again, or we'll have to hunt you down!!:D:D:D:D

    (I wasn't insulted):)
  24. Shame no one seems to catch the drift of BIG DADDYS post. What he is saying that EPA initially allowed the trucks in for off road use and apparently some of the states decided to license them without working it out with EPA therefore the problem. BIG DADDYS point is that we would not have a problem had a different approach had been made to put them on the road.

    What is the safety difference for the SMART car being sold all over the place or a KEI truck?? I dont want to have an accident in either or even a HUMMER. Safety and sensibility cannot be legislated. I hope everyone gets behind the effort to legalize and get the EPA to see the viewpoint we all know, afterall, they dont know anything about these vehicles, just making rules on rules
  25. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    If I was a betting man, I'd put money up that the 3 wheeled trucks WILL lose their legal status.

    I had 3 wheeler ATV's years ago, they outlawed those because so many got hurt on 'em. VERY unstable. I had more nasty crashes on my Yamaha 3 wheeler, than anything I've ever owned, including motocross bikes! It was VERY unforgiving in a slide, then when you suddenly got a little traction, it would spit you off and come tumbling after ya', or OVER ya'!!:eek:
  26. myazel

    myazel Member

    I too am a fireman and just worked a straight on headon collision last night between a pickup truck and a SUV. Both drivers and passengers survived with a few broken bones, all airbags deployed. 15 years ago this would have been a single or double fatal. Vehicles are designed better now period. They are safer and and seatbelt laws and airbags have saved a lot of lives in the accidents I have worked. However what you want to drive should be your choice as long as it meets pollution standards and is "safe" as in not being a risk to others which has a lot more to do with how it is maintianed ( wheels not ready to fall off) than anything else. This was at one time a free country where you could determine your own destiny as long as it did not interfere with others. If you want to ride a motocycle have at it! I don't need a law to tell me to wear a seatbelt my brain does that! I think these trucks have a place on our roads and our fields and shoud be up to individuals to decide whether they want to take the inherent risks on the road with them not some nanny state telling me what to do at every turn.
    What I would like to see is some importer take the lead and and get these trucks certified new as importable and start bringing them in. I really think these manufactures and importers are missing the boat here. One of the big boys like Subaru or Mits shoud take this ball and run with it.
  27. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Anyone remember back when the Govt' went after the (then) new Suzuki Samurai? They came very close to banning those! I took a test drive, when the Dealers dropped the prices $3k to overcome the stigma that the Govt had put on 'em.
  28. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    First and foremost, I don't want the government trying to protect me from myself. The government doesn't have the slightest clue what is right for me, and I'm sick and tired of them trying to tell me that they do. A kei truck is no more dangerous than any other pint sized vehicle on the road. To listen to the way people talk about these vehicles, would make one think that the Japanese have absolutely zero standards whatosever set for anything they build in the name of crashworthiness. The reality is that they do.

    I was involved in a major collision while driving a Mitsubishi panel van, back when I used to work for a computer shop in CO. A woman in a Jeep Grand Cherokee made a left turn, directly into my path as I was entering an intersection. The impact was on the front driver quadrant of the van. I don't recall what the speed was when we hit, but I was driving at the posted 40 mph limit of the road when I entered into the intersection. I walked away from that wreck with nothing more than a knot on my head from bumping it on the door frame while being spun around in the collision, and seatbelt bruises. I had to climb out of the driver's seat, and exit the sliding side door. Both vehicles were totalled in the collision. A kei truck should be no worse performing in a wreck.

    As for one killing someone else in an accident, these vehicles are no more capable of changing the laws of physics than any other inatimate object. They weigh 1600 pounds soaking wet. Any other vehicle on the roads will at least double that number. Physics says I'll be the one that loses, while it bounces off of a larger one.

    Personally, I don't want to be involved in any collision, regardless of WHAT I'm driving. Beyond a bump on my back bumper at a traffic light 5 years ago, I've remained free of any wrecks, by simply practicing defensive driving. Defensive driving isn't a difficult concept.
  29. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    I actually saw one of these on the roads near where I live the other day. :frustration:
  30. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    The government did not go after the Samurai. Consumer Retorts did. Suzuki certified the vehicle to USDOT and EPA standards set back in that day. When Consumer Retorts tried to push the DOT to have them outlawed, they were exposed for deliberately trying to force the vehicle to roll over in front of the camera. They had over 100 takes before they were able to get the vehicle to behave in the manner that they wanted. Suzuki was cleared of any wrongdoing, and Consumer Retorts landed themselves in a mess of legal trouble.

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