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English Factory Manuals Carry Every Jimny

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Donald Andrews, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    I have the K6A and gapped my plugs at .035 and torqued them at 19.5 ft-lbs. Getting ready to install a tach and would love to glance at the ECU in the 2002 Carry manual to see if I should have a tach terminal I could attach to.
  2. willyboy

    willyboy Member

    Just wondering if everything was going good with the K6A suzuki manual? Is the end of this month still looking good for the release of it? Thanks for everything Don!!!
  3. Hi,
    I just posted this note in the Mitsubishi site... Let me see if I can ask James the update on K6A. This is from my conversation yesterday. (This a paste from Mistubishi blog in case you have seen it).

    Yes there will be more in the Mitsubishi Series but James’s schedule is rather busy at this time with a book on how to start an International Import-Export Business. Interesting and I suspect it may include insights to the Japanese car import-export business (he wouldn’t say). After meeting with him yesterday he said he would proceed with the following book publishing schedule.

    1989~1998 Suzuki Parts Manual
    1999~2004 Suzuki Parts Manual
    1999~Newer Suzuki Service Manual
    1999~2005 Daihatsu Service Manual
    1990-1998 Mitsubishi Service Manual

    He did not provide a publishing date at this time. I’ll inform everyone as I receive updates.
  4. cj!

    cj! New Member

    I've been hunting for an English version of the FSM for a '96 Suzuki Jimny with the K6A engine and a parts manual would be great too. Hopefully it sounds like there may be light at the end of the tunnel as the engine has a bit of a knock so I need to tear it down and a manual would be a great help.
  5. The new Suzuki Carry & Every Full parts manual including K6A engine should be out in two weeks. The new manual is for 1999~2006 Suzuki.

  6. John Canfield

    John Canfield Member


    YES :D I'm in for one!
  7. Shrimp Daddy

    Shrimp Daddy Member

    So When available, the new 1999 - 2006 manual will be for sale on Lulu.com?
  8. cj!

    cj! New Member

    Can you confirm that this new parts manual covers the K6A turbo engine?

    Also, do you know when a service manual might be available that covers the K6A turbo engine? I have a knock in it and need to pull it apart but need a manual to check all the specs.
  9. Hello, you didnt state the year/model of your K6A. The K6A Engine Service manual should be out in a few weeks.
  10. cj!

    cj! New Member

    It's a K6A turbo engine from a '96 Jimny JA22. I realise that there will be some differences but the basic architecture should be the same as the later K6A turbo engines although it does not have coil pack ignition which is something I would like to upgrade it to or VVT. At this stage I have no specs or service manual so anything I can get about it would be a great help. I just don't want to spend money on parts or service manuals that won't be of any use to me, hence my checking that it does cover the K6A turbo engine.
  11. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    Hey Don,

    I have a 2002 Carry DA62T with K6A. Will the new manual cover this truck? I did not see it listed on the parts manual book.
  12. Hello,
    Let me answer our Aussie buddy first. We have a JA22 Jimny book coming out in December and a K6A Specific Engine manual within the next 3 weeks. The Turbo is the same in this parts book. You might want to hold out for a few weeks to make sure you have the correct specifications for the Jimny. Although the transmission and drive train parts are in this book, you might as well wait for the Jimny/Cappacino book.

    For our friend with the DA62T, 99% of your truck is covered in this book. This parts book has the F6A/K6A but your model has a different spec camshaft and a few minor differences. The suspension-transmission-brakes-electrical, etc are all the same. The K6A service manual coming out in the next few weeks would cover the difference.

  13. cj!

    cj! New Member

    Don, many thanks for your prompt and informative replies. I will hold off a few more weeks then as the JA22 Jimny and K6A turbo info is what I really want/need :)
  14. cj!

    cj! New Member

    Just wondering if there is any news on the Jimny/Cappuccino manual? I was hoping for a nice Xmas present :)
  15. Hello, the Jimny/Cappuccino manual engine manual is out. Here is the link http://www.lulu.com/content/5062507 The last book coming out for this year is the 1990~1998 Suzuki parts manual. There will be a bunch next year, but this will be the last for 2008. Hope everyone has a good holiday!

  16. cj!

    cj! New Member

    Thanks Don. Do you know if there is anything coming that will cover the fuel injection, ignition and wiring for the JA22 Jimny and will the '90 - '98 parts book also cover this model?

  17. Hello CJ,
    I talked to James and he said before the Jimny and others he is going to finish the complete K-Truck series. The 1990~98 Carry Truck & Every Van parts book maybe nest week. It has the Turbo & Non-Turbo including EPI and carbureted versions. Some parts for the Jimny are the same but not all. He is still doing a Subaru Sambar parts book and a Mitsubishi manual so other manuals maybe Feb/March range. You never know as he pops things up here and there. I will post more info as I get it.


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