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English Factory Manuals Carry Every Jimny

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Donald Andrews, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Hello Suzuki Fans,
    the new Second Edition Service Manual is out replaceing the old (First English Manual Made). She did her job and now retiring...The New Version is much better and comes in coil binding. Nice new design too.
    Here is the new link http://www.lulu.com/content/1764718

    :)New Release of English translations of factory service manuals from Japanese to English.

    here is the full list for Suzuki Carry and Every
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  2. dmwurtz

    dmwurtz New Member

    Just Ordered it
  3. more of the same

    The same site has carry and every electrical diagrams
  4. rpm

    rpm Member

    I just received the electrical diagrams and have ordered the service manual. If the manual is anything like the diagrams, this is a godsend for Suzuki owners. :)
  5. I just talked to James (the author) today and saw the full version (draft). Its a few hundred pages. Nothing left out, even down to frame measurments. You could build a Carry or Every right down to every nut and bolt. He said he has to fix some issues with the manual transmison section. Seems Suzuki made a mistake on their specs and hes verifying it with them. Should be out soon. He is also doing Honda Acty and Daihatsu, so friends with those vehicles can get English vesrions too. Ill keep you posted.
  6. swoop

    swoop Member


    Just got my F6A manual in the mail today.

    First of all let me say on bahalf of all of us . . . THANK YOU!

    This exactly what I and many others have been looking for a year or more.
    Very well done, quality illustrations (no cartoon or napkins sketches), alot of good technical info, and best of all an affordable price.

    Now I can face any repair from valve adjustment, to timing belt change, to a complete overhaul with confidence.:D

    Thanks again to Yokohama Motors and James Danko!

    Later, Swoop
  7. John Canfield

    John Canfield Member

    Manual received today

    For those wondering if they should order the shop manual and the wiring diagrams, you only need to order the shop manual - it contains the wiring diagrams. I have wasted a few dollars by ordering both - no big deal though.

    The quality of the manuals is quite good. Printing is very good quality but some of the very fine detail in the diagrams might be a little difficult to discern. There are some spelling errors, but this is a very minor nitpick.

    Even if you aren't going to tear down your transmission, you really need this manual - it gives specifications, capacities, type of oil/gear lube to use, etc. How many of you know what kind of gear oil to use, or the capacity of the fuel tank? - I do!

    Great job James Danko and Yokohama Motors! :D:D:D
  8. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    Yes, excellent releases. Can't wait for others. (Subaru next please!)

    My wish is that it had part numbers too.
  9. draggbody

    draggbody Member

    can you post the link of which one i need.. i see two service manuals... one specifies english and the other doesnt... the descriptions are different too...:confused:
  10. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

  11. draggbody

    draggbody Member

    sweet... got mine ordered... when are the others coming out???
  12. Subaru and Honda Next English Editions

    The next up are Subaru Sambar and Honda Acty Truck. James has the Daihatsu finished but toyota (parent of Daihatsu) bit of some issues he has work out. He might only be able to publish up to 1997 Models. Im sure he will work it out. Suzuki just bough some from James for their own customer center...go figure.:D Seams the Japanese version had too many mistakes...oops for Japanese quality::eek:

  13. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Don, Any "guess" on the ETA for the Sambar? Thanks
  14. Begining of June for Sambar & Daihatsu

    :eek:My oops, just found out on the phone that James got permision from Daihatsu for release for 91 to 97. Sambar and Daihatsu+Honda Acty begining to mid June. Bad news is the publishers due to printing costs going up might raise the cost 10-15%. :confused:Blame it on the oil guys for screwing up the world!
  15. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Still probably a fair price though considering the work it must be to translate, etc. I'll stay tuned for one of the Sambar's:)
  16. I would have to say these are very well done manuals. THANK YOU! They are an excellent value! I just went ahead and bought the engine manual, workshop manual and the wiring diagrams. They are priced right and even thought there is overlap, I didn't mind spending a little extra to help support further development of additional manuals. I'll be anxiously awaiting the Diahatsu release. All my customers that are looking for a manual will be sent to you! Any plans for a Mitsubishi manual? I'll probably purchase any and all manuals you do for my own reference "library."

    Thanks again for the hard work!
  17. draggbody

    draggbody Member

    i assume you will post when the diahatsu is ready for sale???
  18. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    PHOOY on the "Diahat-tooy" I WANT SOMETHING IN BLACK AND WHITE FOR A SUBARU!!!!!!!!!.................... please!!
  19. steve_nagoya

    steve_nagoya Member

    I've heard the manual available through lulu.com is a decent one. This is coming from a client who is very particular, so I'd say that manual is good.
  20. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    Steve, Thanks for the info. I "looked" under every heading there was at "LULU". The only repair manual was for Suzuki.


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