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Ecvt Transmission Fix

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Carl Swaby, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member

    Hi All. I recently posted that I was looking for an ecvt transmission for my 1990
    Subaru Sambar truck. After extensive research on the Subaru Justy forum, I got some information that was very helpful as they use the same transmission as on the Sambar. The good thing is that the Justy was sold in North America. The problem with my transmission is that the brushes were gone. Believe it or not, the transmission uses brushes like an alternator. The transmission combines a magnetic powder clutch with a steel belt and 2 variable pullies. The magnetic powder clutch is controlled by the computer that monitors engine speed. Power from the engine is transmitted through the transmission clutch and then through the pulley. A belt connects the drive pulley to a larger pulley and output shaft. The computer uses the magnetic powder clutch to change the width of the two drive pullies. This provides a continuous amount of gear ratio instead of the traditional 4 and 5 speed. I have since changed the brushes and my truck is running like crazy! At 140 km, no problem. I have also installed the amr 500 supercharger with an intercooler from a 1.8 t vw jetta. I am currently running about 9 lbs. I just have to be patient with the ecvt transmission as it sounds like it is revving high and slipping, but it isn't . Alot of problems with the ecvt transmissions is lack of accpetance from us. We are so used to conventional transmissions changing gears. Just be patient with your Sambar for the first 25 000 rpm's and then she goes off like crazy! Just a note: You can remove the brush holder under the starter and take it to a local alternator shop to put new brushes in for you. Please note that these brushes are extremely long. Mine were about 1/2 " long and they were too short.

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  2. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    neat truck..love to see more pics...140kph:eek:....sweet....not even downhill in my Daihatsu:D
  3. Socal Sonny

    Socal Sonny Member

    Do you have any pics of supercharger installed?
  4. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    I told you to keep the CVT and get it fixed up!!! Much better than a swap to a manual trans. Good to hear it is now running great. Keep us posted with pics of the build. Sounds amazing!!!
  5. Stormin

    Stormin Member

    Just found this. I am looking for info on regular maintenance and cannot find anything. I have a 1992 sambar, I will look at the justy as well. My transmission is working fine but I want to keep it that way.
  6. forwardon

    forwardon New Member

    Hi my transylvania seems locked up any ideas would help a lot Thx
  7. Mike Gonzalez

    Mike Gonzalez New Member

  8. Mike Gonzalez

    Mike Gonzalez New Member

    Do you have pictures of it installed? Did it bolt right in or did you need to fabricate? Is it on the EN07 engine?

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