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ECVT gearbox problem

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by paulhills, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. paulhills

    paulhills New Member

    hi guys

    I am hoping someone will be able to help with an ecvt problem. I have just bought a 1995 Subaru domingo (vw lookalike) 1.2 automatic (FA8) with a gear box problem. the guy I bought it from said that he went to drive it one day and it would not pull away. he took it to a mechanic and they told him it needs a new gearbox. the engine runs fine and the gear lever selects D, DS, R but there is no attempt to move. if I give it gas the clutch temp light goes on. I have looked through the forum and dustysjustys.com. I took the brushes out and they were dirty and slightly worn ( the tip of the brushes are not flat anymore). I took it to a local starter/alternator repairer and he didn't have any replacements that matched. in his opinion he thought they were fine. they were still quite long,. but without seeing new ones we don't know for sure. does anyone know how long they should be?

    I cleaned them up and put them back, but it still will not engage gear. I have probed the wires and when running they both show as live, is this correct?

    I checked the switch on the accelerator pedal and that seems to be working fine.
    does anybody know where the 'CCU' and 'test mode connector ' are located in the van and how to conduct a 'd check' and 'read memory' (this is all mentioned in dustys ecvt manuals,. so I am not sure if this is for justys only?)

    any other advice / things to check?
  2. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    I understand the clutch is a an eletro-magnet that uses powdered metal to create friction when magnetized. Something happens to the powder and the clutch stops working. You probably need a new clutch.

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