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eBay Tires

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Rs2, Aug 4, 2022.

  1. Rs2

    Rs2 New Member

    I have been looking for stock 145r12 tires. I'm thinking of getting some Superdiggers from eBay. Has anyone purchased tires this way? How did it go? Were there any import fees or duties added on that you had to pay for when you received them?

    I'm not interested at this time in putting bigger tires on or a lift kit. Some of it is cost, the rest is just the time needed to find proper wheels, etc.

  2. Zeusmoltar9

    Zeusmoltar9 New Member

    I bought 12 inch tires from ebay for my honda beat a few years ago. they came out of Taiwan. I think they were "General" brand. The tires were fine for a bit but they had import taxes plus they took a very long time to ship. The funny part was they had a "made FOR America" stick on them in stead of a "made In America".

    After a year they developed a unbalanced condition at higher speeds. YMMV of course.

    Right now I run Hyundai steel 14" rims with a 8mm spacer and have no issues. the 4 wheels and tires were 60 bucks used.
  3. Rs2

    Rs2 New Member

    Thanks Zeusmoltar9.

    Anyone from US have an experience with this? How much was import fees if any?

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