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East TN suzuki

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by TenneSuzi, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. TenneSuzi

    TenneSuzi New Member


    Picked up a 97 Suzuki DB51T and getting it tweaked and snow plow ready.

    Projects so far have been to pull whole dash and all ducting to pull out mouse nests etc. Mouse pee smell was so bad it made my eyes water. Sorry no pics for that adventure. The entry point into the ducting was at the fresh air intake and covered that with metal screen to prevent further incursions. You can screen off that intake from the outside by pulling the front body panels.

    Next up was Sea Foaming. I have about a 9% grade on part of my drive. First the truck would barely go up that in 1st gear. Sea Foamed via the vacuum lines and was able to go up in 1st gear no problem. Next Sea Foamed via the fuel line and can now go up in 2nd gear! Big improvement!

    Next was trouble shooting cold weather starting problem. Cleaned up the rotor and cap contacts, replaced coil with a daihatsu automotive coil. (I'll post the parts reference when I get home and get the numbers) Checked plug gaps etc and will replace rotor, cap and plug wires after ordering some. Better cold wx starting but still has to pump the accelerator about 6 times to get it to fire below about 24 F.

    Changed diff and tranny fluids to semi-syn. Rolls better when cold. Engine is good with a full syn.

    Upgraded battery to Optima battery to help with the cold cranking and give a better load reserve for the Acid Gear plow on order. I'll post pics and do a writeup on that install when I get the creds to post pics. I think it turned out very nice and was fairly easy without changing the whole battery tray.

    Installing front receiver hitch from Allied Accessory, Have it marked,ready to drill and bolt. Yep I'll take some pics of that too. Big tip there is to drive the truck up some ramps, jack stand and chock it. Then padded my floor jack and used the floor jack to raise the hitch frame to the truck. Got everything all lined up and loose fitted, marked and ran out of time and had to work out of town this week. It will be finished when the plow comes next week.

    Been lurking the forum for over a year and have gotten great tips here!

  2. smh3w

    smh3w New Member

    Nice work!
  3. TenneSuzi

    TenneSuzi New Member

    Latest photo with plow installed


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