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Dymac Mini Truck

Discussion in 'Dymac Electric Mini Trucks' started by trav1, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. trav1

    trav1 New Member

    Hi everybody! I'm Trav, live in Vermont. My mini truck is a Dymac named Martin. It runs entirely on solar power (though could be plugged in if need-be). The Dymac company which operated in the San Diego area used to import coasters and then add the electric drivetrain here.


    I've had it for 4 years now always ran well until this year he failed inspection because of an issue with the left front lower control arm bushing. I'm more of a computer/electronics guy so I don't fully understand what that part is. I'm looking all over for parts, if anyone has any leads I'd love to hear it! I contacted the guy in Florida that tony242000 mentioned in the part sales forum, we'll see if he's able to dig anything up. I'm not sure exactly the model of coaster that Dymac imported, sent the guy in Florida Martin's VIN, said he could look it up that way.

    Anyway, glad to finally be connecting with other mini truck owners! The full details about Martin are on my website https://teafry.me/truck/
  2. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Welcome! The Control arm, is a front suspension part. that is part of several connecting parts that make up the front suspension! I'm not really sure what make your Dymac is based on. Pretty cool, based on solar! Any other backup source of ignition? What about night driving? I assume it has some sort of power storage, to be able to drive into darkness and not be stranded? Interesting to me! Back to your problem; Once you determine, what make your unit is based on, then you can cross reference the parts that are needed! Sometimes, a good mechanical shop can re bush the control arms, and your on your way, providing there is no structural damage to the arm itself, like from an accident or something crazy, like getting bent from a chuckhole. Your going to want to, or have a qualified front end,(suspension), mechanic check out the other front end parts for wear, also! Good Luck!
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  3. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Worse case scenario: You or a suspension shop disassemble the suspension, and then have a machine shop make a replacement busing from delrin or urethane. Then put it all back together.

    I had a Sunbeam Alpine in the early 70s and had to make my own bushings for it. I ended up with sintered bronze bushings. Kind of a rough ride, but it cornered like it was on rails.
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  4. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Yeah, exactly what I was thinking, Jigs! There are so many different bushing's on the market! He has options!
  5. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    You have to tell us, what you finally do when you accomplish your mission! At least tell us what this thing is made off of! Educate us to your solution!
  6. trav1

    trav1 New Member

    oh hey guys sorry for the delay. So yes, there is a battery bank, 8 6V AGM batteries, drives at night just fine. If I get in a jam, and it's only happened once, I get out a regular extension cord.

    On the control arm bushing... The shop I have it at tried some random bushings they thought might fit from a RAV4 and other cars but they didn't fit. Also haven't heard from the Florida guy... I'll give him a call I guess and otherwise look for suspension specialists around here...

    thanks so much for the feedback! I'll keep you posted!
  7. VanOne

    VanOne Member

    Looks very similar to the Chana-Kuayue Xinbao or Chana Shenqi T20/T20, which both are based on the tenth gen Suzuki Carry.
    Side blinkers are placed the same, antenna also.
  8. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    G&R Imports has some Chinese truck parts.
  9. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    It does resemble a Carry!
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  10. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Sure does look like the 2019 Suzuki CarryVan that that the Phone installers were driving last year when I had a different phone company install their equipment in my house here in Iloilo. There were several different brands manufactured by Suzuki so it would not surprise me that they might build the basic vehicle for Dymac.

  11. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    That would make sense Fred! Fleet pricing!
  12. trav1

    trav1 New Member

    amazingly my mechanics were able to find a part for it! I didn't get to talk to them in person about/I forget what they said on the phone about where they were able to locate the part but they did and they fixed it. Very thankful. If you're ever in Vermont and need a truck fixup, so far had good luck with Girlington.

    In terms of the coaster it's based on, I looked up GnR on Jigs-N-Fixture's suggestion and from their site it looks like my truck might be a DFM?


    The only difference I can see is the added rack for solar panels and the white coloring...
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  13. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member


    I believe your Dymac truck is a DFM from China, I did a quick search on Alibaba.. The body is still in production as a IC powered vehicle, Dymac was a failed electric conversion firm from Santa Monica if my memory serves me. (Also the home of the Miles 40)

    I too have one of these, however I have had issues with mine and test drove it early this year I bought it in San Bernardino on MLK b-day. Hasn't worked since, just mocking me with clicking of relays..
    I would attempt to contact the DFM OEM and see if you can buy the entire control arm or the set, as parts are much less expensive in China, but shipping will surprise you. If you cannot find parts, I will be converting my truck to 4wd this winter, and will remove the front suspension from the truck.

  14. trav1

    trav1 New Member

    DC Dave, you're saying you have a Dymac? Or an IC DFM? The Dymacs are so rare... my roommate happened to see one in Maine recently though...


    tempted to get the details on the thing to try and track it down and buy parts off it. Maine is a lot closer than China :p
  15. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member


    I do have a Dymac, without the solar panel and rack system..
  16. Hey Trav, fellow Vermonter here. I'm looking into getting a hold of a mini truck myself but I'm curious as to how the process of getting it inspected was in VT?


    I need help getting my mini electrical truck started .. 2007 dymac 48 volt truck ..... i purchased from an elderly couple who left it sit over winter for a year-batteries froze and were no longer good - bought all new batteries - the thing would not move or engage- the lights and horn and radio work but the thing wont move unless you manually push it of course.
    PLEASE HELP is there a wiring diagram i can get ? I am not electrical savy
  18. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member


    Travis BBS.
    I suggest buying a circuit tester, like a power probe and go hunting for both continuity and 48v power on both sides of a connection. You will become circuit savvy after fixing your cheap electric truck going again. Just wear protective gloves when working on anything over 20 volts DC, 'find them on Amazon or Ebay, and please do not wear rings or watches.
    1. I took each cable off and cleaned it, then bolted it back on one by one, however it does take two people to lift the bed off.
    2. I took off the steering column cover and "One Philips screw" takes the actual switch off of the column.

    Note: I am looking for a way of modifying the Curtis Motor Controller, as 24 MPH is shamefully slow, anyone have knowledge on the Curtis or Howell model 1313 tech tool to re-program the controller parameters? (The 1313 says it all)
    eBay item number:
    112352410542 from China...

    Mike Finnigan says: Lower Lower Lower, your expectations until you are satisfied with the results.
  19. trav1

    trav1 New Member

    hello Narin! It's getting cold up here eh? I was pretty worried about getting inspected in Vermont but it fairly smoothly. I've been meaning to write a blog post about it actually. The only things I failed inspection for were a clogged windshield wiper fluid sprayer and the rear lights not coming on when in reverse. The later being somewhat involved. I traced the lights on the DC panel under the seat, replaced the DP fwd/rev switch with a DPDT switch to throw both circuits when in reverse. The switch was a different size than the old one so I rebuilt the center console out of Lego. And that sucker passed!! HAhah..

    The woman who sold me the Dymac asked me if I was an electrical engineer. I told her no and she said I better be willing to become one! Because there is VERY limited information on this vehicle. Luckily though the whole thing is built to be easily repaired. I agree with Roger, get yourself a multimeter and find out where the voltage gets to. Start tracing wires, see what you can find. I'd be happy to do a quick facetime call with you to help get you started. Things are fairly easy to trace underneath the seat. One winter squirrels made a home under the seat and ate through my horn cable!!

    But also, congratulations on finding one! We are in a very exclusive club my friend :)

  20. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member

    I have no access to the Dymac Wiring Routing diagram, very different from a schematic but more helpful at least for me to trouble shoot and issue. Trav 1 may have one since he bought his truck from someone presumably keeping it running since new.
    That being said, underneath it is a 48v golf cart, nothing special, no transmission, no park paul, nada. If you have issues you are not interested in chasing then find the Golf Cart specialist in your area and have them trouble shoot the truck, really it is a Curtis Instruments controller on a simple motor, nothing else.

    List of features removed by Dymac Inc during their EV conversion.
    1. Vacuum pump for the power brake booster. You will find a bolt in the hose up under the dash keeping dust out, thus brakes are very hard. You can buy a used one on any EV DIY website, I just bought one from a Volvo for $40.
    2. Heat, there is no heat in this unit, no heating coils. It was a truck built for an IC engine but delivered with no engine/trans/speedo/gauges etc.

    Note: I feel I can be blunt about the details of the Dymac EV as I purchased a Miles Electric before buying this truck, both sight unseen.
    The miles has the original dash cluster with a working speedometer, fuel gauge converted to a battery gauge and unfortunately the same F N R rocker switch which is simple, however a cheap excuse for a gear / direction selector in a $16,000. truck. The Dymac has a cheesy piece of black plastic over the speedo section.
  21. trav1

    trav1 New Member

    oh, I missed your message there Roger about reprogramming the Curtis to allow speeds over 24. I don't know how it was done but it has been done to mine. I'll send a message to the woman who sold me mine and reprogrammed the controller herself though she hasn't replied to my email from June so....

    This was added back into mine but needs to be re-calibrated to the barometric pressure. The power breaks only work when it rains ahahah.
  22. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member

    Trav 1,

    Hello! Can I ask if your truck has a speedometer? And if it can exceed 24MPH, the speed it was approved for within the US? Do you have any information/documentation on the motor or controller?

    You are correct, Dymac did not sell many of these and only to large firms with facilities where onsite travel necessitated a vehicle of this size.
  23. trav1

    trav1 New Member

    An aftermarket speedo was installed. It has trouble reading the speed over like 32mph (ex. going down a steep hill). It wasn't sold being able to go over 25 and I think those inspecting it haven't bothered checking/adhering to LSV laws.

    Sadly I have no information on the motor or controller...
  24. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member

  25. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member

    Trav 1,

    Thanks for the info on your trucks modifications etc.
    1. Brakes, power booster vacuum pump; I ordered a used Volvo unit a V40 which is 12v and reasonable at $22. on Ebay.
    2. Parts and electrical diagrams: I have parts of a manual for a Tiger truck, I suggest look for the free download on TigerTruck.com it is the older model, I guessed at the model. So far the parts I ordered for my Dymac have been the same part numbers, and identical. Telephone support is good but slow, like a week to respond during Covid.
    3. Programming the Dymac; The programmer is both a handheld or PC software based, the handheld unit is on Ebay for 300 to $600 with a book, I did find a Golf Cart dealer in Las Vegas that has Curtis trained techs, but they want as much to reprogram two parameters, is as it is to buy a handheld unit, and they are 3 hours away. Call me cheap but you can only change a few parameters, speed and acceleration rate being all of what I am interested in.
  26. KurtsTruks

    KurtsTruks New Member

    Hey everyone! Kurt here, Located in Encinitas, CA.
    Came across an ad on Craigslist I couldn't ignore. After doing some research I was very interested and went to go check out the vehicle. She's in rough shape but I see the potential.

    A bit I can tell you about the past owner- Was mainly used for property Maintinence for big properties through out the San Diego county. The truck was regularly serviced along with all other vehicles. Eventually she ended up sitting for a year and it was time to make some space.

    I was able to make a deal with the owner to take home my new project!
    I plan to use it for my around town commute. Our highways speed limit is mostly 25-35mph for the general area.

    2009 Dymac EV Mini Truck

    Needs some TLC but I can't stop thinking about all the custom things I want to add on.

    She can start up and drive away no problem I made sure to test drive it on site and asked to take laps to get a feel and really get an idea of what's going on.

    Separate electric charge start key and one key to unlock the steering wheel? is this correct?

    It runs on DC 72 v/ 12 - 6v Lead acid batteries
    The owner mentioned they installed an updated charging port to take a 220 v Charger, the other is still attached. Unsure if its still functioning

    the brakes definitely need to be replaced.
    ( I believe they are front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.)

    Things that don't work when turned on-
    windshield wipers,
    some lights,

    Things missing:
    forward /reverse switch (at least what I can tell from photos of other previous models) there is an alternate unit installed on the radio dash.
    tail light unit,
    some head lights,
    glove box,
    dymac - side text
    mini truck - rear text

    other things-
    the key locks can't lock with the key- ( need to be replaced to fit current key)
    the doors don't close all the way - looks like they just need to be lifted and tightened on all ends even the hood could use some tightening as well.
    the front plastic bumper and grill are mangled

    But this quarantine has taught me to just go for it and learn new things. Please any suggestions will help or any friends you have that live near by and believe in the dream to get this on the road again!

    I really have no idea where to start.
    I figured get the brakes replaced and find a tail light unit and replace some lights.
    Theres and auto shop down the street that only does electrics on cars so was gonna have him look at the radio/ac/ speedometer/windshield wipers.
    Get the batteries looked at maybe sold to purchase an updated EV unit for a longer range, or look into purchasing an electric D/C generator / range extender/

    Once those items are taken care of , I plan to sand it down and to remove as much rust as I can. Bondo up the rough spots and get a fresh coat of paint on there.

    What output solar panel would I need to keep the truck going on solar around town.
  27. trav1

    trav1 New Member

    Kurt this is so exciting!!

    This is not how mine is setup, I have one key for doors and starting...

    could be all blown fuses? Does it actually have AC or just blowers? Mine only has blowers.

    hell yeah! You can do it! I remember when I bought mine the previous owner asked me if I was an electrical engineer. I said no and she said, 'well you'll become one!' or something like that. The truck was designed with the intention that anyone who's taken a highschool shop class would be able to repair it though it's taken a bit more than that for some repairs I've had to do. But it's been a fun learning process!

    If you're upgrading your battery pack to lithium-ion you'll also need a BMU so it's not a super easy upgrade as far as I understand but perhaps well worth it. I think solar would make more sense than a generator, no moving parts or fuel...

    I can take pictures of my panels and charge controller specs if that would help :)

    Keep us posted on your progress! :)
  28. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member

    Hello Kurts,

    I did some searching and I found this set of locks on AliExpress the kits include ignition, door locks, fuel door lock (If equipped). I ordered one for my Dymac EV in March, however it takes 45 days or so to get here from China. upload_2021-4-8_8-11-4.png
  29. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member


    The ignition and door lock set, shows available on AliExpress under this part number
    3704000-11 Dongfeng Sokon.

    Note: I had selected the low cost shipping option, I no longer recommend this solution. I just canceled my order from March 1, as it still had no actual tracking and had been canceled on 3/11 thus was in dispute. So I opted for Fedex, now the AliExpress site states the lock set will ship in 11 days and I will receive by April 28, but three times the shipping cost. Total was $96.81

    I will have the old locks available in May, if the AliExpress option is too pricey.


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