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driveway alignment on a 98

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Mydixiwrecked00, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. my new 98 hijet has a 2 inch lift on it and the front end sits pigeon toed( positive camber) is this common with all lifts ? its not of major concern offroad but with atv tires on hard pack u have to take care not to roll them off the rims while cornering and the positive camber makes it worse. can i pull the top of the tires back in? and where do i pull the tires back in? looked under the truck and didnt see adjustors on the lower control are or at the top of the strut like is common on fwd cars.thanks
  2. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    The only thing I have ever done after installing a lift with either 23" or 24" mud grips is adjust the tie rods. Make sure steering wheel is centered and back off 2 lock nuts on each side
    (17mm /19mm ?) adjust both tie rods until tires are true. Keep looking at steering wheel keeping it centered while adjusting.
  3. starpuss

    starpuss Member

    y not bring it into a auto shop and pay the 65 bucks they charge??
  4. i really dont see giving a flunkie thats going to botch the job to start with 65 bucks for something i can do in my own shop with a tape measure and an angle finder. As it is when i do take stuff in i have to baby sit the techs or they do a half hearted attempt and get camber and toe close enough( mile off) and ignore caster all togeather. to them it doesnt matter if it pulls. when u bring it back they will bag a tire or over inflate another so it goes straight until the air bleeds off a two or three months later and they recharge u for another alignment. if we drag them over a rod or resto they scratch their heads and say they cant do it.. im sure bringing a mini up there would really confuggle them. the tierods are obvious, i just dont see any slide adjustment on the top of the strut like a traditional fwd car or any eccentrics bushings on the lower control arm to get caster and camber. i used the search feature but it found me nothing.
  5. I have 2 lifts one a 2 inch fixed camber that has a offset to it, the other one is a 2 3/8" with a camber and caster adjustment.

    If yours are straight without the offset moving the struts in they are no good from what I am told.

    The 2 inch fixxed offset I am using I was leary of using the other one with 2 bolts that were grade 5 in the kit for the camber cast adjustment. I have not checked alignment too closely yet.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2009
  6. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I have a name for those people, won't mention it here. But your right... No OE eccentric bushings/adjustments to be found for caster/camber.

  7. so your saying theres no adjustments... looks like im going to slot the holes in the lift kit then or cut the spacer and reweld the plates a lil more off center. ill have to see how much cv i have to work with, might be able to extend the lower control arm a tad. thanks
  8. *update*

    the woman had a blowout on her car today so i put on her spare and ran the tire by the tire shop. out of curiosity i asked" can u do an alignment on a daihatsu hijet, one of the lil japanese mini trucks" his answer was "what the heck is that"
  9. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Moderator

    the problem these days is that if it's not in the computer and if they can't just push a button, it's not going to happen. try going to auto zone with a part and have them match it up... not going to happen. they need make model and year. i went in there with the plugs from my hijet and asked them to match it up.. they wouldn't do it w/o year make and model and when i told them they scratched their head. i had to look through a BOOK (i guess they can't read) and tell them what i needed at the counter.

    you have to remembermost techs coming out of UTI and such places are only taught to scan it then remove and replace. try giving them a 65 chevy with a v-8 that's running rough and see what happens.

  10. Yep you go to Candain Tire ask for a rad hose, or belt on a 60-70s truck they ask you if it is a 4wd, if it has A/C, powersteering, power brakes and 100 other irrelevant questions.

    While going to school in Butte, MT I replaced a upper rad hose on my 71 ford with a 302. The gal behind the counter in her mid 20s moved the ladder over, climbed it, and handed me a hose without looking at a book (about 10 seconds). I got a kick out of that there was and still is alot of older trucks on the road in Montana.
  11. i miss going into the old parts houses, bsing with the ol timer behind the counter about your problem. him giving u a part, a ton of advice, a smile, and even a discount because hes treats every customer as his only customer, and then remembering u the next time u come in and asking if the problem was fixed....that just doesnt happen anymore.

    now all it takes is a pimple face kid with a computer and no clue now ,to keep the parts industry pushing their sub quality parts for cars that HAVE to have everything on a shelf "just in case" to keep them going down the road... they just dont make em like they used to... ive put an ignition switch, a dimmer, and some carb cleaner in my 64 impala in the past 7 years, and thats it.... compared to a mountain of parts ive thrown at the almost new cars in our driveway....

    back on subject...

    i dont have time this weekend to tackle the front end and take some pictures but ill be sure once i do get to it ill be sure to share. am i the only one that has had this problem?
  12. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    You just need a front lift with adjustable camber. Amen on rolling the tires off the rim, but I got news for ya... It feels that way even if the camber is correct. :D
  13. starpuss

    starpuss Member

    Man your Canadian tire store must suck. mine can get lot's of parts for the truck (when you make them work!) they can get timing belt , cap rotor, plugs, wires, coil, alternator starter, water pump, oil filter air filter. And brakes! Remember "Canadian tires model is that they have to offer to order in the part. If they don’t have it.

    My best friend works at one of the Canadian tire stores down the street from me. and in 1 hrs of making lots of calls he told me he can get it all shipped it but it would take 7-10 days and man the pricing was a LOT cheaper then the stuff I see posted on the web.

    If I can find the quote he printed off for me ill scan it and up load it for the part #'s they have.
  14. Just about every Canadian Tire I have been to ever is the same. Unless you get a older guy behind the counter.

    I live in Calgary there is no service most places you go. You go to a bike shop to buy a bike no one will answer a phone and you have to go there in person because every doughhead has 10s of thousands of dollars to throw at whatever bike it is. If you need a part you have to drive a hour across the city one way to see if they have it, to find out they don't.

    Depends on what it is I try to order everything from the US because the service for the most is good and all the shops are doing is ordering from Summit or whoever and marking it up 50 to 100%.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2009
  15. dale hynes

    dale hynes New Member

    You should try a Ford dealer. They are the worst for not wanting to look up stuff. If it’s not on their computer, it doesn’t exist. Usually only one parts person knows how to use a fiche reader, and that guy is never there.
  16. bobjonah

    bobjonah Member

    just google Camber Bolts. I put them on my S83P and they corrected the problem

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