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DOT rated mud terrain tires

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by getabitlit, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. getabitlit

    getabitlit Member

    Can anyone help me find DOT rated mud terrain tires (or equivalent) for a set of 14" rims on my 91 Daihatsu? All I can find are ATV tires (not road legal) and winter tires that are no good in the mud.

    Proud mini truck owner near Vancouver BC.

  2. barneyrb

    barneyrb Member

  3. andy_george

    andy_george Member

    I'll be looking for winter tires soon. I have 12" wheels. Where have you seen winter tires for sale?

  4. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    I found some tires 27 x 8.50R14 by Kumho and greneral:D
    kind of on the big side but might work for you

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  5. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    Andy, for stock or 7" wide rims? I have tires for stock rims.

  6. getabitlit

    getabitlit Member

    Thanks for the info guys, I've got a local tire shop looking into it.

  7. hello hello :)

    i am in vancouver BC as well with a 1990 Daihatsu Hijet Van. Wondering, what did you end up finding? I am lifted about 2" both back and front so I am thinking 14s as well

    thx :)
  8. dwlb

    dwlb Member

    Dot 14 inch radial

    I came across this tire today-EFX Moto Grip A/T Radial that is DOT approved.

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  9. starpuss

    starpuss Member

    looks like all they make is a 26" :(
  10. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

    The tire you really want is elusive. As far as I know what you ideally want is not out there. All the MT tread tires are far to large. The 27" tall tire mentioned above is possible but definatly not practical. If you want to drive on the street it is almost useless because of the power loss. We have a winter tire that we have had good experience with. It is not an off road mud tire though.

  11. 3banger

    3banger Member

    Buy some snowies and remove half the knobs!
  12. o8k

    o8k Member

    BFG makes an AT offroad tire in 14". I think tire rack shows it at 25.7" diameter. Still too tall for what I would install.
  13. G1wood

    G1wood New Member

    Do not want to hijack your thread. But what Inspections did you have get to be highway legal?

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