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don't understand lift problems...

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by Danger Dan, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Danger Dan

    Danger Dan New Member

    I was under my truck all day today, and took a good long look at the suspension on the front of my 94 mits u42t. everyone warns or is warned about lifting these trucks more than a couple of inches, or the cv's bind and camber problems arise. My question is - if you put a block/spacer on the strut AND match the spacer/block on the crossmember / drag links / steering shaft , doesn't that just drop the whole front susp. / steering assembly = lift with no adverse affects?
    I guess the front driveshaft might have to be a wee bit longer but...........Does what i read just mean there are lifts out there that ONLY have the strut spacer , and lifts that have the strut spacer AND equal spacers for the drag links and crossmembers ?:confused:
  2. Dan

    Dan Member

    you got it....
    some are just strut spacers and the others work like a body lift
  3. wfo speedracer

    wfo speedracer New Member

    I have been looking at the same thing, only on a two wheel drive version.Which means I don't have to worry about the cv axle clearance. The problem I saw was where the steering links bolt to the frame it bolts from the bottom and through the side, that piece needs to be fairly strong, I am not sure you could get by just bolting it from the bottom which means a new piece would need to be fabbed up that bolts in the stock location with the appropriate drop in it to match the drop in the rest of the kit. Also you are going to have to be able to put large enough tires on it to make up for the amount you just dropped the steering or ground clearance is going to be affected.
  4. jwarren8561

    jwarren8561 New Member

    i'm in the process of doing a 5" lift at the moment, got it all done except extending the drive shaft.. i dropped the front axle frame 5" and thn made a strut space from a peice of 3" around pipe and some flat metal. as for the steering box i made a bracket that incorperates the control arm support bracket into it.. and i have no problem with camber. had to modify the engine support to clear the drive shaft though.. but 29x10x12 bear claws clear good
  5. Daner

    Daner Member

    Pics? :pop:
  6. mschlitzkus

    mschlitzkus New Member

    There is a post four below this that explains what has to be done......
    You don't have to extend any driveshafts to do 5" lift. I have 7" on mine and only dropped the subframes 2.5". No cv bind. All your lift in the front comes from what you put on top of the strut. I had to use a longer Strut and eliminated the spacers.
  7. jwarren8561

    jwarren8561 New Member

    sorry was out of town.. by no means am i a fabricator but it works just make every thing all the same length.. still have to paint will post final pics hopefully next weekend

    IMG_0493.JPG IMG_0494.JPG IMG_0495.JPG
  8. jwarren8561

    jwarren8561 New Member

    camo paint this weekend IMG_0488.JPG
  9. mschlitzkus

    mschlitzkus New Member

    Like the STI Wheels! What offset width/height did you go with? Have a side pic to show how much they stick out?
  10. jwarren8561

    jwarren8561 New Member

    12x7 5+2 offset but would go with 4+3 if i could do it over, to have more clearance between strut and tire . IMG_0505.JPG IMG_0507.JPG
  11. mschlitzkus

    mschlitzkus New Member

    Looks good! thanks for the info
  12. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    How do you deal with the steering draglink?
  13. 93mit

    93mit Member

    When I lifted mine I used wrist pins from a 1066 IH tractor

    As spacers, worked great.

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