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Domingo Wiring Diagram

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Bananas, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Bananas

    Bananas New Member

    Greeting from Wales!
    Recent lurker and first time poster, thanks to everyone who has posted in the past with info I've already pinched.

    Desperately after a wiring diagram from a 1.2 Subaru Domingo (or any other model who's electrics are similar).

    Working on the other half's Dommi which has had some electrical issues since she got it.
    In a nutshell, lights have been problematic, so she got a local garage to look at it. Great except this garage had obviously never experienced the concept of ground switching and decided in their infinite wisdom to attempt to completely rewire the lights to live switching, which in itself is not exactly easy to do, especially when the person doing it was a complete muppet.
    Therefore I find myself lumbered with the task of trying to sort this entire mess out, which would be a lot easier if they'd left the original wiring behind instead of ripping half of it out in the process.
    I'm not a complete clutz when it comes to electrics, but trying to reinstate stuff when I have no idea how things were wired in the first place is a tad tricky, and would certainly be easier if I had the diagram to reference against.

    Therefore I throw myself at the mercy of this forum to come to my rescue. If any of you fine people have a copy (or know where I can find onel, even if it's just the lighting circuits I would forever be in your debt.

    Many thanks in anticipation!
  2. Bananas

    Bananas New Member

    Following on...

    So anyway, I've managed to sort the headlights out and rewired them correctly for main and dipped beam.
    Happy days there.

    Now however I find there is a short on the side light circuit.
    Not so happy days...

    So, apart from the front side lights, tail lights, dashboard and gear selector illumination, all of which seem to be OK are there any other items that are on that circuit that I've missed.

    My spider senses tell me that it may be a pinched wire on the front sidelights where the problem lies but I'm just checking there's nothing else I might have missed before I rip the whole front end off the van. I've had enough misery already what with pulling the whole dashboard out (and still have the double misery of putting it all back again ahead of me) so if I don't need to do that I'd be immeasurably happier!
  3. LeePLee

    LeePLee New Member

    Check out the Facebook page for Subaru Domingo's and Sambara and a guy called Mark might have one.
  4. LeePLee

    LeePLee New Member

    Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the Auto ECVT Clutch ECU please?
  5. LeePLee

    LeePLee New Member

    It looks like this

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