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Domingo springs

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by subi, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. subi

    subi New Member

    Hello folks,
    I managed to brake 3 of 4 springs/rear and front/. Now I don't know what kind of spring can use because here in Bulgaria don't have original or they are Very expensive with month for delivery from Japan.
    Do you have any idea for replacement? Folks need urgent replies.
  2. Krieger-san

    Krieger-san Member

    You are quite in a pickle here. Have you tried looking in the local junk yards? I'm curious as well because I couldn't find E12 parts in junkyards.
    Try Skoda 120 springs. The dude I bought my van from said that he replaced the rear shocks(don't remember if springs too) with some for the Skoda 120. I think he replaced the springs too 'cuz he said something about them being stiffer. I remember clearly that he said he chopped off 1-1.5 coils to make them shorter.
    I also think you can also look for Daewoo Damas front springs. I would seriously hate to splice the E12 with the Damas, but you can try that for a last resort. Don't get me wrong, but the Damas suspension is known to be quite shabby, and you can feel it especially at high speeds. Ask around to see if those would fit.
    Good luck!

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