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Domingo may have blown alternator

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Pat Eaton, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Pat Eaton

    Pat Eaton New Member

    Driving home today the fan belt squeezed madly and the car stalled and the dash lights all came on.

    Stopped and restarted and the battery light was lit and the one beside it that looks like it might be for indicating a heater of some sort.

    Does anyone have info on the alternator?

    I will try the standard testing procedures to be sure.


  2. Pat Eaton

    Pat Eaton New Member

    My new belt is broken!

    Hmm anyone have any idea what would cause the belt to break?

  3. Pat Eaton

    Pat Eaton New Member

    The problem appears to be the AC pump.

    Any advice on maintenance of the AC unit?

  4. Glasstech

    Glasstech New Member

    From my limited experience with AC units.
    From my Ford Windstar, they are not rebuildable, aftermarkets units are few and far between and Ford was only willing to sell me a new one.
    I hope your experience is better!
  5. Pat Eaton

    Pat Eaton New Member

    I have found after market AC bypass pullies, that replace the AC unit.

    Any one done this on a Domingo?

    I called Japanoid and they suggested it would be a better idea than trying to replace the AC unit.
  6. anthill

    anthill Member

    Strange, the A/C compressor has a electric clutch in the pulley that's supposed to freewheel until the A/C is turned on.

    Sounds like the pulley clutch failed closed and your A/C compressor was run till failure?

    I doubt you'll find a replacement. Agreed on bypassing (either with a shorter belt or a pulley).
  7. Pat Eaton

    Pat Eaton New Member

    Thanks, we disco'ed the AC and the problem has stopped. The AC pully spins fine, so we will continue with this for now. If it acts up again I will try the bypass or shorter belt.


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