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Discussion regarding the function of the "axle lock" button...

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Timetripper, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Just for anyone reading this post:

    As previously discussed at length here on the forum the "axle lock" feature does nothing more than
    engage the front hubs. It is not a posi, LSD or anything of the sort.
    No factory setup comes this way, just stating the facts as proven by the users of this forum.

    The "diff lock" locks up the rear diff only.
  2. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    All it does is "engage" the front hubs hubs.... hahahaha. Good one.
  3. mc22958

    mc22958 New Member

    It is my understanding that the axle lock actually locks the center diff so that you have one tire on the front and one tire on the rear pulling. The diff lock is like a locker engaging the rear so that both rear wheels will pull. When you engage 4wd you only have one of the four pulling? Is that right?
  4. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    RE: Daihatsu Hijet

    Ok, then tell me the difference between "Diff Lock".... and "Super Diff Lock" (as found on the climber trim)
  5. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    First off, most of these Kei trucks do not have center diffs with the exception of
    maybe the Honda Acty & Sambar c/w ECVT - both All Wheel Drives.

    If you use the "Search" function at the top of the forum you will find that this topic has been discussed at great lengths.

    The function of the "Axle Lock" is to engage the front driveline to the transfer case ahead of the transfer case lever being put into 4wd Hi.
    This enables you to "shift-on-the-fly" between 2wd Hi and 4wd Hi with out stopping.

    Shifting into 4wd Low bipasses the "Axle Lock" button to engage the front driveline automaticly so that it is impossible to have it in 2wd Low and cause damage to the drive train from the greater torque of the Low Range.

    The Kei trucks have never had a a LSD or Posi in the front end to my findings and I'm 100% sure they never had a "Diff Lock" in the front for the simple fact that you couldn't turn corners with it - and a truck that only goes in a straight line isn't much good.

    If you take any truck with "axle lock" and jack up both rear tires and one front tire then put it in 4wd Hi, Axle Lock "on" and try to drive off the jack stands in 1st gear it won't happen.
    The one front wheel on the ground doesn't turn while the three in the air will turn - truck stays put.

    Conversely a truck with "Diff Lock" in the rear [factory option on most if not all Kei trucks. Standard on Hijet Climber/ Acty Attack] will come off the jack stands in when one rear tire is left on the ground and driven in 1st gear/ reverse with "Diff Lock" engaged.

    The reference to a "Super Diff Lock" I think is just salesman "hyperbole" the same way some of these dealers are claiming that they get 60 mpg - they don't.

    I looked at the one being flogged on fleabay and it just has the normal axle lock & diff lock buttons.
    If any of them came from the factory with a front LSD or Posi I'm sure that some of our seasoned dealers would be selling the factory parts to DIY'rs here on the forum. Yet that hasn't happened. Why?

    There is a member [alan] that is putting his own front/ rear LSD or Posi kits together for members and Dan has been giving them trial runs in his trucks.
    Videos are posted of this

  6. IndianaJason

    IndianaJason Member

    TimeTripper is correct.

    Axle Lock only locks the front hubs in... Find a truck with manual locking hubs, it will Not have "axle lock".... for obvious reasons.

    This has been discussed, researched, and verified by Suzuki in Japan... I suppose its partly my fault that its still discussed and disputed as I was supposed to have compiled all the relevent threads/posts into one "All Things Axle Lock" Thread to be stickied, thus eliminating any future confusion...

    I'll have to get that done....

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