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dirty trick

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by fupabox, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. o8k

    o8k Member

    Everyone: Ya this is getting quite CAN-O-WORM ish. Hope no one feels attacked. Lots of great stuff being vetted in this thread. It helps me put some of this stuff in perspective and i hope it does the same for others. Remember, as long as you have 3 hots and a COT, be thankful, keep your eye on what matters, and dont sweat the small stuff. Its a tough life out there.

    IronRaven, this thread is thick w/ lots of details and trains of thought, i got a little lost... My apologies.

    I agree w/ your issue, freedom stops where others begin from a social order perspective. But I took what Aeorshots to mean was more along the line of the "free will" concept. However, "free will" as a social policy just doesnt pan out as far as establishing rules of social order, as the enforcers are not divine. So it would seem unrealistic to me as well. (This may stop making sense, as the said post was deleted).

    On another note...
    I like the ride w/ a cop day thing... Sounds educational... (long as it doesnt go like that movie training day) :D

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