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Difference between models: ATACK, SDX, TOWN, etc

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Frank Perkins, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Frank Perkins

    Frank Perkins New Member

    Hi All,

    I just started learning about the mini truck world and I'm trying to narrow my focus on a particular model. If I did my research right, I need one that is at least 25 years old so I can register in the state of Connecticut. In looking at auctions, I noticed different designations of the 1989-1991 models. I was hoping that someone can help me identify what these mean:
    • HA-3 vs HA-4. Is this 2wd vs 4wd?
    • I see "models" of:
      • STD (Standard)
      • SDX (Super Deluxe)
      • TOWN (More Comfortable)
      • ATTCK (For farmers)
    • AT vs MT is automatic vs manual transmission so I'm good there
    • 660cc vs 550cc is the engine size so I got that too
    Does anyone know what options were available between the STD, SDX and TOWN models? I have been looking at pictures of vehicles for auction and I can't really tell.
  2. matt167

    matt167 Member

    The SDX model is the most common Acty and basically has nice door panels. Some have A/C some have 5spds. I've never heard of the Town. If you look at the auction sheets, you'll see that 2wd and 4wd are in English so you can quickly determine that

    The Acty is either 2wd or AWD depending on model and there is no low gear if you want that.. The Attack model does have a transmission with an EL reverse gear and an EL forward gear. So it's actually 6 forward with 2 reverse.

    This being said, if you are intending on driving this on the street, an Acty is NOT what you want. The engine in that generation is the weakest/ slowest of any Kei truck in that time frame rated to only 65 mph top speed with 38hp. Yes some parts are available in the USA as they share some parts with like the CRX or something, but you won't enjoy it and it won't keep up with traffic well.

    The Subaru Sambar is a better vehicle with the same engine configuration and AWD setup. Most are 5spd and they have pushbutton hi/low. The engine is a 4cyl 660 and produces around 45hp.

    The Suzuki Carry has the strongest engine of them all in that time. The F6A generates 45hp and will run to 8,500 RPM.. I have a '92 5spd 4x4 as a daily driver and find it adequate for the most part in the HP department. It will do 60-65 pretty easy
  3. Frank Perkins

    Frank Perkins New Member

    Thanks for the reply matt. The Honda Acty I was looking at the 656cc/42hp Honda E07A engine. I looked online and it looks like the Subaru Carry has a 657cc F6a engine for the 1991 (9th generation). While the CC's are the same, it does look like the Carry has a few more HP. I guess that makes a big difference along with the gearing? I was not planning on getting the ATACK version since that's geared for farming.

    I'm ok with that top speed to be honest as it's only for around town/short trips.

    As far as replacement parts, do think it's cheaper and easier to get parts for the Subaru and Suzuki? I did some comparison shopping on mini truck.ca website (not sure if that's the best place to buy parts online?) and parts seem to be about the same price.
    • Airfilter: Both $35
    • Cap and Rotor: Honda: $75, Suzuki: $50
    • Alternator $295 vs $290
    • Intank fuel pumps: Both $295
    • Brake Pads: Both $75
    I appreciate your guidance. Just trying to learn as much as I can before I get to the next step.
  4. shogun

    shogun Member

    I have a 1997 Honda Acty 2WD with automatic transmission. Have it since 2010, got it with 12000 km on the clock, now 57.000km, driving usually around town/short trips, but also Japanese highway where we have a speed limit of 100 kmh, no problem at all with the speed.
    Besides the normal service stuff like engine and trans fluid, airfilter, AC filter, some dead light bulbs, brake pads , 2 solenoids for the carborator I had no major problem at all. Engine runs smooth. Do all repairs DIY.
    The E07A engine (with fuel injection added in 1996) is a relaible engine. Accdg to wiki the carburetted version of this engine produces 38 PS (28 kW) at 5300 rpm and 5.5 kg·m (54 N·m; 40 lb·ft) at 4500 rpm. The Street has a top speed of 115 km/h (71 mph), while the four-wheel drive version only can attain 105 km/h (65 mph).
    Parts you can get for example directly from Japan from Yokohama Motors http://www.yokohamamotors.net/

    I live outside of the big cities where many farmers live, and that is Kei car territory, major market share what I see on the roads are Suzuki, Daihatsu, Honda. One box cars the Honda N is presently market leader
  5. matt167

    matt167 Member

    I have had no problem with parts for my Carry. www.megazip.net basically has everything OEM and then there are tons more companies to get the tune up and small parts.. Some Subaru and Honda parts are available at dealers where of course there are no US Suzuki dealers anymore.. Megazip has parts for pretty much any Japanese vehicle

    One thing you might want to consider is, The Honda and the Subaru are FWD systems installed backwards ( with an AWD/ center diff with the AWD models ) where as the Suzuki, Mits, Daihatsu are conventional cab over engine designs and have selectable 4x4 if equipped.

    I have never seen an Attack model earlier than about 1993 anyway, but they still have the 5th overdrive so gearing is the same on the road
  6. Frank Perkins

    Frank Perkins New Member

    HoustonMiniTrucks.com was able to help me decipher the model differences:
    SDX2 and TOWN: Have a Tach and color coded (white) front bumper
    TOWN: has brown tweed seats

    Also HA-3 is 2wd and HA-4 is 4wd.

    The only other options are the rear work light which is pretty easy to see because it's literally the only button the dash besides AC!

    I thought maybe the TOWN model had nicer rims, but it looks like any auctions with white rims are actually just wheel covers.

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