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DD51t Radio

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Kay, May 13, 2021.

  1. Kay

    Kay New Member

    Looking for a stock radio for a Suzuki DD51t, the tape deck AM/FM model with a working tape deck. I figure someone might have a cast off after an upgrade since not everyone has the burning desire to listen to cassettes like I do....
  2. Ronin

    Ronin Active Member Supporting Member

    That would have been a pretty rare option... most kei ojisans opted for the standard AM only radio.

    Couple of things, as an avid cassette user myself: First, not only is finding one highly unlikely, but finding one with any chance of restoration to true functionality is going to be nigh on impossible. Parts are likely unobtanium... and they weren't that great in the first place.

    Also you do realize that the AM/FM bands differ between the US and Japan...? Therefore.

    If you want tapes I highly suggest a period(ish) correct Pioneer, sourced there. Very robust, decent sound, and you're likely to find one that's worthy of a little work to get it spooling reliably again.
  3. Kay

    Kay New Member

    Hello Ronin,

    You are correct on it being a rarer option, I managed to grab 1992 which is fully optioned minus AC because lets be honest these things are slow enough without stealing more power to cool yourself and like this radio parts seem to be made of diamond and fairy dust if you can even find them. I'm still working my way through my contacts to see if I can find someone who can get the thing working for me. I'm a CNC repair technician by trade but cassette players have baffled me from a young age in terms of functionality for some reason...

    The AM/FM tuner works flawlessly and yes the band is off but I can still pickup a most of the stations I would use and the fact that it goes down further then it normal in the US is a fun little "hey my car is more JDM then your lowered civic" fact when people ask if its really from japan.

    I've freed up the cassette deck but it still eats tapes (RIP Al Greens greatest hits, I was hoping by setting the mood the radio would suddenly swoon and just work but no luck there.) so for now I will probably just throw it back in and just glance longingly at my cassettes every once in a awhile. Been looking into other radio options but I'm a sucker for OEM but the shipping alone for a used "maybe working" unit are too high right now for me to splurge when I just rebuilt the whole front end on the truck. This problem might have to wait till I go to japan next year where I can do some digging in thrift stores and junk yards, thanks for your reply!
  4. Ronin

    Ronin Active Member Supporting Member

    I can help with the tape player, maybe... at least as much as possible long distance. As well as being a fan of tapes I also rebuild, restore and repair my own equipment, both home components and mobile.

    Generally tapes will get munched because of dirt. Pop the hood and see the condition of the belts, and of the pinch rollers (ie. rubber parts). Chances are they've never been touched, nor the head.

    Post a couple of pictures if you can and we'll see what can be done.

    Edit PS: No those 'cleaning cassettes' don't really work, and especially not on neglected equipment. You're gonna have to get in there.

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