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Daytime running light issue for Suzuki, Mitsubishi etc

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by prairiehawk, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. prairiehawk

    prairiehawk New Member

    In Canada, the trucks we can import need daytime running (DTR) lights installed to run on the roads. Suzuki, Mitsubishi, and several other manufacturers use a 12 volt live feed to the headlights and switch the ground. On the container of the DTR system, it actually mentions a bunch of manufacturers the system won't work for. If yours is mentioned on the container, then it's probably because you have a ground switched headlight system. :frustration:
    To find out if this is the system you have, simply use a volt meter or test light to see if the feed to the headlight is live. If you get a reading around 12 volts or the test light comes on without turning the lights on, you have a ground switched headlight system and need to adapt the off the shelf DTR light system. These work off the common N. American standard of switching the 12 volt (live) feed. If you have a switched live feed, you will not get the DTR to work as they supply 12 volts to power the headlights. Since you already have 12 volts supplied to the lights, what you need to do is connect the headlight low beam wire to ground. Therefore the DTR light systems out there won't work unless you add a modification. :sly:
    I bought 2 extra headlght relays (about $12 total) and ran the feeds from the DTR light system to the primary side of the relay. The other side of the primary of the relay goes to ground. Tapping into the low beam wire of the headlight, run a wire to one of the switched (secondary) terminals of the relay. The other terminal on the secondary side of the relay is then connected to ground. This way, when the key is turned to the run position, the DTR system supplies 12 volts to the primary of the relay, energizing it. This then connects the low beam feed to ground and the headlights will turn on. The great thing about this adaptation is that you do not have to tear apart the DTR light system and void it's certification. Since you are just adding relays meant for headlights anyway, they will handle the current and operate as you need.:cool:
    By the way, the second relay is needed for the high beam wire and is hooked up identical to the low beam relay.
    If anybody wants a schematic, I can provide you with one as well as photos of the install.
  2. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    I just used a normal 12v relay all by itself,still using key 'on' to switch and provide a ground for headlights.Cost was next to nothing and total time was about 10 min.In Canada we ca also use front running lights or turn signals for DRL.
    Keeps passing the OOP.:D
  3. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    I second that Subaru. Just a simple relay works best in negative switched applications.
    For the record if anyone wants - Canadian Tire's DDL module is made to work in this fashion
    and they show you how to do this in the instructions.
  4. ddimports

    ddimports Member


    we used to do that now all we do is find a live wire and put in a inline fuse in case it grounds out and we convert our signal into drl and front amber side markers killing two birds with one stone 5 to 10 min job
  5. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    my mitsu has its dtr lights in the marker lights beside the signal lights works great. i upgraded the #65 bulb to a #95 bulb and it is brighter.
  6. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    update on my daytime running lights...
    i moved them to the marker lights beside the head lights, this was easy to do and works a lot better then where they were at first :D i just used the keyed power that was there and run new wire out to the side markers through the air vents behind the lights. then cut the power wire at the bulb and attached the new power wire, same on the other side. connected the two wires to a fuse link then to the power from key. the way it was set up before, the tail lights were on too :( let me know you need help :)

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  7. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    Based on what you have stated, it sounds as though your markers do not come on with the switch, but with ignition. (So, if the key is off, but you turn on the park light switch, your parklights dont come on, do they?)

    Still, not quite legal if thats the case. (Daytimes are fine like that, but the markers need to come on with the switch. Forward lights or bumper lights do not qualify as a marker)

    Or, are you saying you have 2 different bulbs in the side lense?

    (We have never had a mits, so I dont know)
  8. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    the lights beside the head lights are the daytime running lights now...these lights turn on when you start the truck and no other lights are on. when you turn on the park lights, the light in the bumper by the signal light come on plus the tail lights, and the lights by the head lights stay on, and when you have the signal light on, all three lights are on :) the way it was wired before was the park light by the signal light came on but so did the tail lights :( in daytime running lights there are no tails on just the front lights. it was a vary easy fix and had it switch over in about 1 hour :D hope this helps
  9. laudi

    laudi New Member

    I'm trying to hook-up the daytim running lights on my 93 suzuki carry. Wondering if you might send more details about your hook-up.
  10. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    hi...well first thing my truck is a mitsu, and i haven't looked inside the cab of a suzuki but all you need to do is with a test light check which wire from the key has power in the "run" setting then tap into that wire, how you have keyed power:). is your suzuki a DD or a DT? if its a DD there is a marker light beside the head light that you can use. pull out that light and test the wires that are there, find the ground and cut the power, before you do this make sure you know what forward marker light does what, ie park and signal lights, make sure you can use the light by the head light and still have these lights. if that is all cool then cut that power wire at the markers by the head lights and hook up your new power wire...repeat for the other side. my mitsu has two lights in the light in the bumper, one is the marker and the other is the signal, both behind the same lens, this all worked out great for me...if you have any questions let me know and i will help you out:D
  11. Dismantle

    Dismantle New Member

    I would love some photos and schematics of this install! I need to get this done to my 2003 DA63T susuki carry

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