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Dash switch uses - assistance required

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Robin Logan, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Robin Logan

    Robin Logan New Member

    I just got a 95 Hi Jet 4x4 dump truck. There is the 4x4 HNL lever between the seats plus a rocker switch on the lower right dash that lights up. What is the push button switch with the same marking in the middle of the dash? Thank you!
  2. Matt123

    Matt123 New Member

    Without a picture I'm not sure but I believe the button on center of dash engages/disengages 4wd (high/low lever by shifter is simply high/low and does not change from 2 to 4wd)

    The switch to the right of the steering wheel is probably a locking differential.
  3. Inane2

    Inane2 Member

    The one in the center of the dash should be your 4x4 switch, as Matt said. I believe it will show a truck with the front wheels turned. The other switch is likely for the rear diff lock. I believe it will show the truck with an "X" where the rear diff is.
  4. Robin Logan

    Robin Logan New Member

    thank you, thats helpful. The only 4x4s Ive owned have been really modern so not familiar with locking diffs etc.
  5. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    The round switch on the dash is 4 high. The HNL is the high nuetral and low for the transfer case. When you go to low range it should automatically go into 4x4. There is a 4 wheel drive indicator light on the instrument panel. If you have a rear differential lock that switch should be down low on the dash by your right knee. Don't lock your diff on asphalt. And also it is for slow moving and will turn off when you shift from 1st to second. It will also turn back on when you down shift. But do not do that as you can damage the diff. Only lock the diff if you plan to stay in first gear. It also works in reverse. The indicator light for diff lock is in the switch and is dim. So dim you may not see it in daytime. I have a 95 low dump that is the 3 way box not a dump truck style box.
  6. Robin Logan

    Robin Logan New Member

    great help. thanks a lot.

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