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Daihatsu S80LP carburator float level

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by AngusII, May 21, 2018.

  1. AngusII

    AngusII New Member

    Does anyone out there know what the float level should be set at on a S80LP engines carburator.
    I'm thinking mine is way to low.... about 45cm from base to top of float. When I pull the float out of the bowl there is barely any fuel in the bowl.
    That is happening is, when I go WOT it will bog down, let off the peddle a bit and the rpms will pick back up again, even gaining speed with the rpm raise. I'll give it more peddle(WOT) and it will bog again.
    I replaced the fuel pump, for it sprung a leak and was weeping out of the weep hole.
    I have great idle and throttle response but when I get close to full throttle(wide open throttle) under load, it wants to bog down, let off peddle a bit and it will catch up....
    Yes, I just drained and cleaned the tank out again, This time getting all the crap out. All new lines and fuel filter.
    Yesterday I was going to pull the carb for a cleaning(the truck sat for 7 yrs.) but was unable to get the one allen bolt to lossen up, so this is were I'm at. Maybe
    So, does anyone have the carb specs. for this 550cc EB engine? Adjustments and float level would be great. If anyone has the manual for this truck, could you send me a PM , I'll give you my email address to send the carb. info too.
    And yes my choke plate does open when warmed up.
    Thanks for the time and any specs. that you can provide.
  2. bobjonah

    bobjonah Member

    The spec for the float on my S83P is 14.6 mm ( 0.575" ) between the top of the float and the top of the float bowl. This is with the top piece inverted and the float hanging freely against the closed needle valve. It is just a bit higher than if it was level.
    Pro Tip: Seafoam is your best friend ! I never even knew it existed till I got my S83P - now I put that stuff on everything.
  3. AngusII

    AngusII New Member

    Hello, bobjonah.
    Thank you very much for the float setting.

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