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Daihatsu S110P - no High Idle

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by cliff snyder, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. cliff snyder

    cliff snyder New Member

    I have a '95 S110P that does not go into high idle when cold. I have to feather the throttle for 2-3 minutes to keep it running, and it creates a lot of smoke, which smells like unburnt gas not burnt oil, during this time. After it is warmed up it starts instantly, idles smoothly, and doesn't smoke.

    Some things I have tried/observed:
    - I watched a very good Youtube video by 'fupabox' regarding carb adjustments on an S83P. It appears nearly identical to my S110P. All the external linkages are lubed and the adjustments he goes through all work -- except I have to hold it in high idle when turning that adjustment. When I remove the intake air tube, the butterfly is basically closed when it is cold, and slowly opens up maybe 15-20 degrees as the engine warms up, so I think the wax plug mechanism is good(?).
    - The coolant flow through the choke mechanism is good/clean.
    - I've replaced almost every vacuum line, still haven't gotten to every single one, but only bought 20' of vacuum line...
    - There are some color-coded plastic things in the vacuum lines around the carb and choke mechanism, and I have no idea what they are supposed to do. I can not blow through the yellow or green one from either direction. There is a brown one, and it allows flow from the carb towards the vacuum pump, but not vice versa.
    - There is a vacuum device (don't know what you call it) that has a small arm that pulls on a lever attached to the high idle adjustment area. This is to make it idle up some, but not all the way to high idle, when the A/C is turned on -- and that works. Turning on the A/C is my cheat to try to get the thing warmed up without have to sit there and baby the throttle.

    I believe this problem happened all at once, but am not certain of that. I lost the timing belt last spring, and by the time I got that fixed and put the head/valves back on, it was pretty warm out so it is possible I just didn't notice it until last fall when it got cold. It quit dead on me this winter, and I chased that down to a bad fuel cutoff solenoid. I removed that and filed off the tip, and now it is back to this "getting lots of fuel, but no high idle to burn it" problem. It does diesel slightly after shutoff sometimes, but I'm OK with that versus $165 for a fuel cutoff solenoid.

    If anybody has any ideas for me to try, I would really appreciate the advice. This is our go to rig for cutting wood and working around the place. I'm not much with carbs to begin with and all the vacuum lines and components are pretty confusing.
  2. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    Mine did similar in the fall had cracked vacuum lines on carb
  3. cliff snyder

    cliff snyder New Member

    Thanks for the tip, I think you are correct that it is related to vacuum. I bought some more vacuum line and replaced the few remaining ones I had not gotten to before or couldn't reach without smaller hands, so 100% new vacuum hoses everywhere now. We've had some cold mornings this week and unfortunately the problem remains. With the engine cover off and seat up, I do hear what sounds like vacuum/suction noise for a few seconds after I start it, but can't get my head down there to try and locate the source while managing to keep it running.

    I don't think it is a leak inside the carb, or a crack in one of the metal fittings on the carb itself as the sorta-high idle when turning on the A/C works fine. There is a vacuum line that goes into the carb right below the arm coming out where you adjust the high idle speed. That line comes back to a 2:1 fitting with one line going to a gray plastic thing held next to the carb, and the other line going to the brown plastic unknown thing. I guess my next steps will be to try to route vacuum directly to that vacuum connection on the carb, and get some help trying to locate the short whistling sound at cold start.
  4. bobjonah

    bobjonah Active Member

    Spray WD-40 or similar flammable spray on the vacuum hoses. It will quickly identify any leak by changing engine speed
  5. BamaJack

    BamaJack New Member

    I saw you have the same S110-P HiJet that I have....I am having lots of trouble with my carburetor. Cannot find any replacement parts for it. Cannot find a new or used carb either. You you know of any sources for these carburetors or do you know if there is a different carb that will work on this motor (660)?
    Thanks in advance!!!
  6. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    yokohama sells rebuilds
  7. ttc

    ttc Active Member

  8. Squeaks-leaks

    Squeaks-leaks Member

    The vacuum device you are looking at is unrelated to the warm up cycle. That is the high idle for the extra load on the motor when the headlights/ac (if equipped) are engaged.

    Fupabox's video is a good one, but he doesn't address the screws that adjust the choke or throttle blade on cold start up.When the carb is in the vehicle you wont be able to see the part of the linkage that manually holds open the throttle because its on the bottom of the carb, but the screw that adjusts how much the throttle is help open when the engine is cold is on the top of the carb. Its the phillips head screw that is right next to where the throttle linkage hooks up.

    Both the choke and the throttle blade for cold start up are controlled by the coolant temp only. The only thing that engine vacuum will do in this system is control the choke let off to keep the engine from flooding when you apply throttle. You should be able to see the choke open when you manually apply throttle to confirm this system is working. It should also open the choke slightly when the engine starts.

    *edit I forgot to mention this all pertains to a s83p. I dont have any experience with your model.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  9. Andy King

    Andy King New Member

    PA01602213_3843dd~3.jpg I'm going to go out on a limb but I think I stumbled upon the truth. I haven't seen it described this way so forgive me if I've missed this information elsewhere and/or it is incorrect.

    1= Cold Idle (startup) adjustment

    2= Idle adjustment

    3= Throttle-up adjustment (a/c)
    Last edited: May 7, 2023
  10. Jaiden

    Jaiden New Member

    So I’ve got a similar issue but it’ll stay running no problem but it dies if I press the throttle before it’s fully warm, anyone got any ideas?

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