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Daiahatsu Midget II

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by XtremeMini, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. XtremeMini

    XtremeMini Member

    Hey guys,

    we are considering importing some of these little rigs. I have had a few calls here and there in regards to them and people wanting them. Does anybody know much about them or how useful they would actually be here in the States?
  2. Hey Steve,

    I picked up one at auction awhile back and it's still in Japan, They're more of a novelty than useful vehicle that's why I haven't bought any others.
  3. oldoldoldman

    oldoldoldman Member

    Mines a daily driver and I love it.
  4. TamiPaulus

    TamiPaulus Member

    The Daihatsu Midget II - is a 660cc rear wheel drive.It has a 4 speed manual gearbox coupled by a propshaft to a rear axle mounted on springs to aid weight carrying capacity (APPROX 200 kg).I think it has some real good features and you would find it good for your cause.
  5. oldoldoldman

    oldoldoldman Member

    they really need the 5 speed trans tho.
  6. Darkhorse

    Darkhorse New Member

    Mines a daily driver too although it a 3 speed auto! Awful

  7. oldoldoldman

    oldoldoldman Member

    what rpm do you have @ 55 mph?
  8. Darkhorse

    Darkhorse New Member

    My rev counter is for a four pot but it works out to be about 5,500rpm with my current rear wheel diameter.
    Hope that helps.
  9. Darkhorse

    Darkhorse New Member

  10. wheelsea

    wheelsea New Member

    need to buy a midg call me if you know of one at 321 213 3002 florida

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