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cushman white truck parts

Discussion in 'Parts Sales' started by guso, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. guso

    guso New Member

    I am parting out a cushmam white truck if anyone needs parts let me know
  2. Repo Dan

    Repo Dan New Member

    Hello. I'm needing a distributor, windshield and possibly a Carb. Or what would you take for the entire truck ?? What is wrong with it ?? Repo Dan
  3. guso

    guso New Member

    Windshield has some cracks but is still useable.I want to keep engine complete. Cab is allready cut off frame.
  4. Repo Dan

    Repo Dan New Member

    OK. What do you want for the entire truck ?? Any pics ??
  5. guso

    guso New Member

    Send me your ph# and i can txt pics .
  6. guso

    guso New Member

  7. Chance

    Chance New Member

    Do you have any front axles?
  8. Earl R

    Earl R New Member

    Do you have spark plug wires? Mine is a 2005 Cushman 4 cylinder 1.2
  9. ohio cushMan

    ohio cushMan New Member

    Do you still have truck? And is it 4wd?
  10. Earl R

    Earl R New Member

    I do. Mine is 2 wheel drive
  11. ohio cushMan

    ohio cushMan New Member

    I am looking for 4wd components
  12. Randy Engel

    Randy Engel New Member

    Hi im looking for the shift cable from the shifter to the transmission. Mine is a 4wd im not sure if they are different or not.
  13. Rong

    Rong New Member

    I need some rear seats and a passenger side rear window!
  14. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Do you have a good oil pan?
  15. chris allen

    chris allen Member

    Parting out Cushman White Truck 310-283-5316
  16. Emiledot

    Emiledot New Member

    I have a good many parts available
    All glass except front
    full set chrome body trim
    passenger door complete and in good shape
    Dana 44 front and rear
    lots more misc parts

    items in Gastonia, NC

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