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Cushman new owner

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Tom Jodun, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Tom Jodun

    Tom Jodun New Member

    Looking for pics of the 4th 5th gear unlock , and also is there any reason that you cant use a MSD ignition set up instead of rewiring in Toyota parts ?
  2. Doghead

    Doghead New Member

    Does your transmission say M5 on the outside, like mine does(Mitsubishi), if so, Id like to see what you find inside.

    Others have used MSD and other brands in the Mitsubishi. I've read it here.

    Is a cushman a 550cc motor as well?

    I'm pretty new to these trucks but I have learned a lot about mine.
  3. Doghead

    Doghead New Member

  4. Doghead

    Doghead New Member

  5. Tom Jodun

    Tom Jodun New Member

    I am also very new at this , But I found some pics that look like my trans. Ill keep you updated on the progress.
  6. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    i have a cushman manual i think pm your adress
  7. Tom Jodun

    Tom Jodun New Member

    Where do you look for Cushman parts ? Is there a website or someone that specializes in these parts. Is it possible to locate a 844514 Rev c module
  8. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    damn only manual i have is for the small mail cushman trucks maybe 3 wheeled things
  9. Tom Jodun

    Tom Jodun New Member

    Thanks anyway , I'm looking for a pickup coil now . any help with that?
  10. Rong

    Rong New Member

    Can you send it to me also?
  11. Tom Jodun

    Tom Jodun New Member

    Tried wiring the Pinto module in by unhooking the Cushman Module , Coil . Wired in using the violet wire and would not start . Gave up plug all the factory stuff back in and it still wont start . tested pickup coil it read bad , replaced that still no spark. HELP HELP HELP
  12. Kevin Gravitt

    Kevin Gravitt New Member

    Here is what I have it's the pinto ignition module.
    These wires go to the distributor red/yellow to pink or red not sure what it's supposed to be
    And blue/black to green
    White to pinkish brown/blue stripe
    Red to pink/ black
    Green to white/yellow
    Black/ green to black/white
    Orange to blue/black
    Purple to red/yellow

    Dark blue and yellow on cushman harness are capped not Hooked to anything

    I have a service manual in PDF form if you want I can foreward it to you

  13. MTCushman

    MTCushman New Member

    Hi Kevin,

    Can you PDF me the service manual?

    Thank you,
  14. MTCushman

    MTCushman New Member

    The Ford Pinto module worked for my Cushman white mini truck (898611). Thank you for the pics and the description....

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