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cushman 4th & 5th lockout

Discussion in 'Performance' started by ozzie, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. ozzie

    ozzie New Member

    Can't seem to find where 4th &5th are blocked. Has to be in the transmission, but where. Any thoughts out there. Cheers OZ
  2. gregworks

    gregworks New Member

    Working on the same thing anyone else out there figure it out?:frustration:
  3. gregworks

    gregworks New Member

    4th and 5th lockout

    I have a cushman white truck that I have taken apart and examined the transmission interior. The shifting shaft for the fourth and fifth gear have been extended at the factory. By shortening the two shafts by 1/2" you can shift into fourth and fifth. It took a couple of days and $20 at the local machine shop. Works like they were supposed to now. Good luck with yours. :pop:
  4. Just purchased a 1998 White Truck from the Navy base in Washington. Eliminated the govenor yesterday with a early 80's coil and back packed module from a Toyota (junk yard find for $42.00)- that worked great! Now on to the transmission. Anyone posting a video or pictures on the task of unlocking the 4th and 5th gear? Any links to a more indepth description of the undertaking?
  5. Rwf642

    Rwf642 New Member

    These were provided to me by a member, I hope he wont mind me sharing. Make sure you have the same transmission. If you have a large square inspection cover where the drain plug is then this is not your transmission. This will give you an idea. I have the square bottom cover and have mine apart now. I will post pics when I figure it out. 1-A-Tranny-splitiing.jpg 1-Gear-Pattern.jpg 4th-gear-Modification.jpg 5th-gear-Modification.jpg DSC00006.JPG DSC00007.JPG DSC00012.JPG DSC00013.JPG DSC00014.JPG
  6. Rwf642

    Rwf642 New Member

    Well I just finished a successful unlock of 4th and 5th gears on a 98 cushman white truck. Verify that you are working on the same transmission that I did by looking at the pictures of the transmission. This tranny has a a plate on the bottom that the drain plug screws into that can be removed to view the gears. Don't remove that plate unless you just want to look at the gears. To unlock 4th gear you will do that from the front of the tranny. Remove the 2 spring clips that hold the throw-out bearing and remove the bearing. Then tap out the 2 roll pins that hold the throw-out bearing fork to the clutch shaft. Remove clutch shaft and felt washers etc. Remove the input shaft cover (there is a large spring washer that rides on the face of the input shaft bearing that will fall out when you remove the cover. Now shift in to 4th gear. You will see the bottom shaft extend approx 1" further than the case. (When the input shaft cover is on the 4th gear shaft is restricted. Use a die grinder and grind off about 3/8" to 1/2" of that 1" of shaft extending. Make sure the cover will bolt on flat while that 4th gear shaft is extended. Now put it back together. 4th gear is liberated!!
    5th gear is done from the back of the tranny. Remove the tail shaft. The only shaft back there is the 5th gear/Reverse shaft. You will notice a flat spot on the end of the shaft. (Thats what activates the back-up lights when its in the tailshaft. Use a die grinder and cut off 3/8" to 1/2" from the end of that shaft. Use the grinder to knock the burrs off after you grind that section off. Put it back together and your done.
    I also removed what appears to be a spring loaded catch inside the shifter linkage box on the side of the transmission. I don't know if I needed to or not but I was looking for all possible lockouts. If you don't remove it while on the bench it always accessible easily when its in the truck. I've included some pics of it just in case.
    Good Luck its a pretty easy job.

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  7. Rwf642

    Rwf642 New Member

    The 5th gear pics are as follows.
    IMG_0336.jpg IMG_0337.jpg IMG_0338.jpg

    These are the pics of the spring clip Lockout in the shifter box.
    IMG_0333.jpg IMG_0334.jpg IMG_0335.jpg

    Id be more than happy to answer any questions.
  8. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's all that I can say.

    AND, don't get frustrated when guys are PMing you about how to remove the transmission.

    You asked for it.

    Nice job. Now go out and enjoy it.

    MAXOUT Member

    Thanks for the info. I know this is an old thread but it was allot of help. My transmission was identical to yours not the one pictured above by rwf642 that one is different. just for future reference for anyone doing this mod the "spring loaded catch " in the shifter box shold not be removed. It's only funtion is to prevent you from shifting from 5th gear into reverse. I highly reccomend you leave it in place. Other than that the mod should be a piece of cake.
  10. jwesley74

    jwesley74 New Member

    The info is GREAT, but my tranny looks a little different being 4wd. It has transfer case bolted on to tail housing. Otherwise, is it pretty much the same process?
  11. apeckman

    apeckman New Member

    Thank you for posting these pictures, I came home at 3pm, pulled the tranny, cut both shafts, re-installed it and drove it that same evening.
    I bought (3) of these from a scrap yard and I will probably do this to all of them, now to work out that little governor issue.....

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