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Cushman 4cyl 5 speed transmission Unlocked

Discussion in 'References' started by jmaxy, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. jmaxy

    jmaxy New Member

    Hi people,

    I have searched the entire internet on how to unlock the 5 speed manual Transmission, and no where can you find out a step by step instruction, let alone people mentioning they have liberated the tranny. I would have thought that i might see or read on how they did it...but to no luck.

    So we undertook the work and took the chance it can't be that hard to accomplish. Taken our time 5-6 hrs and had it 99% apart only to stopped by one small problem....There were two split washer clips on the front main shaft that would require a special tool...as north American clips have holes to spread them apart and remove the clips. Japanese clips on mine had nothing...Took a standard spreader ground the ends to be flat and it opened the split rings.

    So all in all you have to cut 1/2" off two of the throw rods and taper the ends on a grinder and your done about 15 min of work in total. Then put it all back together again and your good to go.

    There are 2 bearings with springs on them that you have to watch they don't fall out into the tranny housing....they are .3125 in diameter. One is located on the shifter rod, you will see a nut undo it and its inside the hole...it keeps the shifter rod in position.

    We took some photos so you will see what the tranny looks like and get an idea of what your up against.

    Email me if you want the photos....

    Last edited: Dec 28, 2011
  2. ione2retire

    ione2retire New Member

    Thanks for your post! Great info! I recently purchased a cushman white van, and I'm having some carb issues. It's a mikuni carb made in Japan, but other than that, I can't find any other markings. What kind of carb does your cushman have? There doesn't seem to be much info on these little monsters, so any input would be appreciated!!!!!:)
  3. jmaxy

    jmaxy New Member

    Mikuni Carbs

    Hi THere,

    these carbs can be found on Harley-Davidson motorcycle, snowmobiles, gocarts, and small engines, the company to contact would be :



    Manuals are available...such as this one: http://www.mikuni.com/pdf/vmmanual.pdf keep in mind there are many models....

    hope this helps, as im going to do an engine swap into mine......VW 1.9liter diesel, with and adapter plate from acme adaptors, which mates to a Jeep YJ transmission.....The great thing is not hunting for strange parts after that.

    Last edited: Dec 28, 2011
  4. ione2retire

    ione2retire New Member

    Do you know whre I might find a model # on this carb?
  5. pete

    pete New Member

    does anyone know where the vin# is at on the cushman white truck?

    hi, i have been all over this truck and can not find the vin number for it.
    i would love to get it a title for it. that is the only way i can put it on the road.
    i have already fixed the gov. on it. now next thing is 4th and 5th fix in trans.
    so please help me find a vin#
    thanks for your time

    ps: i love my little cushman it`s fun to drive and gets lots of great looks
  6. Retwxman

    Retwxman New Member

    Pete did you ever find this out, I just bought 1 at a gov auction and am trying to get insureance on it.
  7. bigtoejones

    bigtoejones New Member

    i got my 1997 registered and titled here in Arizona. Behind the driver seat is a sticker that has a number like 898611. That is what I used here and DMV was ok with it. My was also from an auction at the local University and when they had it registered that is also the number they used. Good luck. Oh and I took the trany out on mine today and will get the shafts for 4th and 5th cut down tomorow. I also have the gov disabled and even put a 4 inch lift on it with utv rims and tires. Very fun to drive.
    Eric 2012-09-05_12-15-39_543.jpg
  8. makosti06

    makosti06 New Member

    cushman vin.jpg When sitting in the white truck the model number is located behind your left ear on the back wall 898611 for the non a/c model and 898613 for the a/c version.... the Vin number is under the seat below your left pocket stamped into the body. It will likely start like 60 #####.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2012
  9. jwesley74

    jwesley74 New Member

    I was hoping to find out what you finally did to lift your Cush? I just got same truck and want to do the same thing you have, 4th & 5th gears, governor bypass and lift with either Ag tires or ATV tires.

    Thanks, Justin

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