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Cup Holder Ideas

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Fierce, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Fierce

    Fierce New Member

    Anyone came up with a Cup Holder and a Place for it that isn't in the way or look hideous?? Thanks
  2. WestEndAngler

    WestEndAngler Member

    I've been contemplating this same issue... I've seen some window cup holders that fit over the windows

  3. Fierce

    Fierce New Member

    Hahahaaaa yeah that was all we had back in the 80s lol
  4. Robert Herring

    Robert Herring New Member

    O Reilly's has one called a seat wedge that fits beside the passenger seat
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  5. KCCats

    KCCats Active Member

    I am probably going to build a nice Oak inset for my dash, unless I switch to left hand drive in which I will build an entire dash!
  6. A couple of ideas.
    (1) It isn't mine - I got from the "What did you do to your truck today!" thread - Salvaged from an Ford Escort. I cracked my first one ripping it out of the donor - just as well as I used it as a template - but it will work - takes some shaping with a dremel saw or like. I plan to get some naguahyde for the gear shift hole and make a pouch.
    (2) Is a flip down cup holder (as the escort console one is pretty shallow & can't have precious cargo tipping and leaking - & fits my Yeti coffee Tumbler when driving!) mounted just inboard of the passenger seat latch - flips up and stows out of the way if someone is in passenger seat & if you drive solo then it is in easy reach from the driver's side (heck everything is within easy reach of the driver's side). Can get these from AMZ or you local truck stop. I added the velcro strap (glued it on with some E6000) to keep it from flopping down.

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  7. trktrd

    trktrd Active Member

    What about the old Japanese Slinky that seems to show up on a lot of these trucks?

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  8. I like the slinky, unfortunately the Carry doesn't have that dash platform on the drivers side like your Acty - the only dash "flat-spot" is on passenger side above glove box.
  9. installater

    installater Active Member

    I used a old plastic one that I found laying around under the bench, cut it up to fit used 2 small L brackets
    tiny bolt & nuts & washers attached to the front of console
  10. Ronin

    Ronin Active Member Supporting Member

    There's a 1-din one that fits in the slot under/over a 1-din stereo/radio. Pulls out and drops down a two fer.

    PM me if you want a link, but it should be a fairly standard item/universal fit.
  11. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    This spring, when things thaw out a bit, and I finish cleaning the shop: I’m going to install, “Marine Cup Holder Inserts”. Into the top of the dash above the glove box. I have the space above the body of the glove box to insert them into the dash just above it. I will probably have to remove the main dash panel to get the holes drilled.
  12. Stanran

    Stanran New Member

    Iused twobicycle cupholders ,wire metal type shoved a soup can insidethem ,not too attractive but holds a water bottle beer or anything else one screw into the front below the gearshift some command tape so it won’t pivot works beautiful tried to put a picture but the files too large and I’m not smart enough to figure that one out
  13. Stanran

    Stanran New Member

    This is pic of my 2 bike cup holder with soup can inserted holds water bottles or stuff

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