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Crankshaft Seal

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Stormin, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Stormin

    Stormin Member

    I have searched the forums with no luck, I have a 92 supercharged sambar KS4 and it has developed an oil leak between the motor and ecvt transmission, the oil does not seem to be coming from higher up on the motor. No Subaru dealer where I live so took it to a Honda dealership. Probably the crankshaft seal is gone so we will need to pull the motor to replace it. Anyone else had this done?
  2. SpikeFiend

    SpikeFiend Member

    I've replaced the crank shaft seal on the other side, when doing a timing belt change. Replacing the seal itself should be pretty easy; getting access will be more challenging...
  3. Stormin

    Stormin Member

    So, I was putting this off for a while because I thought the leak was a rear main crankshaft seal. Turns out it was the distributor O-ring and valve cover gasket, was hard to tell where the majority of the oil was coming from. Also does anyone know if these engines use a pcv valve? Trying to find out by researching on the net and also my manuals but cannot find out. One thing I read talked about something in the oil pan. I am getting a lot of oil in the air filter housing and the engine is using oil but cannot see blue smoke out the exhaust.
  4. Hap Wilson

    Hap Wilson Member

    I am currently having a similar issue to but have not yet delved into it much. Any updates on a fix?
  5. Stormin

    Stormin Member

    If it is using oil make sure you keep an eye on the oil level. I ran my motor too low a couple of times and a connecting rod bearing went. Ended up parking the truck as it was too expensive to rebuild the motor.
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  6. Hap Wilson

    Hap Wilson Member

    Dang sorry to hear that I suppose I should get right on it then eh. Ill start by searching around where you did then remove the oil pan and take a peak for any rod play. Mine is currently a daily driver but I'm willing to rebuild if needed.
  7. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Hap, please go to the blue field near the top of the page, and put the information on your rig in your signature on your profile page.

    It is really helpful to folks when you have questions.
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  8. Reese Allen

    Reese Allen Member

    Boy, it's not every day that you see someone resurrect an almost 4 year old thread and the OP actually responds. Kudos Stormin.
  9. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

    As far as oil in the intake goes seems to be something they all just do. I added a catch can to my truck and problem solved.

    If you need rod bearings check out www.partsouq.com. They are by far the cheapest and shipping only takes 2-3 days.
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  10. Hap Wilson

    Hap Wilson Member

    Much appreciated for the link I'll give em a look. What did you end up running for a catch can I thought of just picking up a cheapy amazon can ad possibly running an oil cooler for long drives.
  11. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

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