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Craigslist truck update w/ pics

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Ran440, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    Well I checked out the truck today. Here's what we got.
    The truck has been well used. Lots of dents and dings. Bed is heavily dented from big logs.
    Rust is minimal for the year and it being in Michigan.
    Glass is good.
    Interior is rough. Seats are torn. Needs a major cleaning.
    Engine starts right up. Went to fast idle cold. Sounded OK. Runs well. No noticeable misses or hiccups. Could use an oil change. Got a Fram filter on it.
    Drove OK. Shifted OK once a figured up where the gears were. Got it up to about 60 or 70 km. Steering felt OK. Didn't shake apart or anything even though the snow tires are not balanced. These are some sweet snow tires. Very aggressive, but would use year round.
    CV boots look good.
    Love the bumpers he made for it. Plow's not too bad either.

    2 Problems:
    It has an oil leak on the front of the engine. Looks to be the front cover. Timing chain cover maybe. Didn't look like the valve cover or the oil pan.
    It appears to be dripping onto the front drive shaft.

    It's titled and plated. Here's the catch. The truck is no longer a Suzuki Carry.
    It has morphed into a Geo Tracker. Crazy thing is the SOS told he to do it.
    Bought a trashed Tracker, scraped the car, kept the vin tag and voila the Carry is now a Tracker. I knew there had to be a catch.
    Not really sure what to think about this. He did say we could transfer title, and let me get plates before finalizing the transaction. No plates. No money.

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  2. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    The rest of pics
    The transmission that was put in was used. New clutch and throw-out bearing.
    Original ad from craigslist:
    Titled and registered for on road use.
    1996 Suzuki DD51T
    Two inch lift kit installed.
    Two sets of tires and wheels, Road King Snow tires for off road, wider road tires on Alunimun mag wheels for on road.
    .6 liter, three cylinder four stroke Mid engine, (located under the seats) 5 speed transmission with an extra low gear in 4x4 mode.
    4 wheel drive with the pull of a lever and Diff Lock.
    New transmission and clutch put in just over one year ago
    5 -1/2 foot wide Snow Plow, power up and down, manual angle, with controls inside of the cab.
    Stay warm and dry.
    Truck bed side all drop down or come off as needed.
    It does need an exhaust system from the header back. NO CAT, I just broke this past week while plowing snow. (Muffler shop $150.00)
    And the drivers seat is ripped. body has some dent and scratches as it has been a wood hauling truck.

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  3. Sorry Ran440 ... I'd run away from that truck :eek:

    I can't say anything good about it, except its a minitruck and a well used one at that.

    That one is crying 'help me' and with a huge $ amount attached.
  4. Why aren't you talking to the vendors in your State? :confused:

    They may not have something right away, but I sure believe they could do you a superior deal.

    Importer who sold me my truck is getting back under the new regulations ... but look around before jumping in and talk etc... prices and service vary GREATLY. Im still choking etc on that price ... :sly:

    Good Luck,

  5. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    The best local vendors can do plated and street legal is with a speed limiter of 25 mph.
    This one is plated, street legal, go as fast as law allows.
  6. You get into an accident or an officer pulls you over for registration etc...trouble. You are better off doing the mods you want on a better truck. That thing is a 'red' light ... just my opinion and I'd gamble else where. You sensed it too :(

    I don't know what your State regs are ... but in the end, you are responsible. That truck would land me in court in SD...

    Speed limiters are known to fall of these trucks for all sorts of reasons ... I can't explain it ... its an oddity I have not figured out :confused: :D:pop:
  7. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    i would be scared to drive it like that. it screams trouble..
  8. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    I'm soooooo bummed. Was really looking forward to driving around in that truck next week. But you're right, I already knew I'm not getting it.

    I think the new speed limiter is a computer program. Kind of like my Ford PowerStroke Diesel. It was Limited to 92 mph from factory until I put a performance chip in it. Now the speed limiter is gone. Had it rolling 115mph and still pulling.
    Maybe they do just the opposite. Put a chip in the computer to limit the speed. You have to be careful with those chips. Some times they loosen up and .........well...... you know.
  9. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    sorry man but the site doesnt condone that. its illegal in the usa.
  10. You mods better go after all the EPA/CAA infractions ... or do you only pick a few. Sheesh ....

    Been love'in the two step on this site since I joined. Even committed by moderators right here ... how come you don't go after them?

    Frankly, I'm to the point that when my support subscription runs out I'm not going to re-up... outrageous.

    Truth is, not fair! Serious ... play fair, or explain why you pick only a few of many and not going after moderator posts who have committed more infractions than changing a chip??????????

    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  11. Here is what I will do to my truck:

    Replace everything with factory Japan parts - chips, transmissions, shifters, tires, rims, shocks, exhaust, gears, ecu, shifter, panels, etc. It is not illegal to import any part that I am currently aware of.

    I will indeed modify anything and everything on my truck in all categories ... maybe put dual exhaust, oversized tires, lift, different gears, engine, ecu etc.

    Hell, has that not all occured on this site? :sly::frustration::p:rolleyes:;):eek::cool:

  12. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    Myself I would run from that truck...looks ridden hard and put away wet...I hate to say it but the title thing is a lawsuit just waiting to happen...just think of what the insurance company would say if you insured it as a "tracker" and they found out it wasn't,if you had an accident...the guy who plated it can call it whatever he likes ,and take his own risks,but I sure wouldn't want to explain my "tracker" to a judge iF someone was hurt .....

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  13. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    LOL nice pic. That's me running. Now the hunt starts over. Wish me luck.
  14. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    lol i just call them as i see them. not like im gonna go to his house and shake my nanny finger at him and tell him he's a bad boy lol. just dont want the site to get in trouble is all.

    im referring to this thread - http://www.minitrucktalk.com/showthread.php?t=188

    and it seems everything from mods to even getting them safetied is a two step dance in this world lol
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2011
  15. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

  16. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    I would never EVER buy a truck that's titled as something else. I know a guy who bought an R34GTR from a certain "legitimate importer" who is no longer in business and after paying WAY too much money for it had it seized when he brought it to a car show... and didn't have a leg to stand on when he tried to get it back.

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