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Cold weather problems

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Matthew Harras, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Matthew Harras

    Matthew Harras New Member

    So my 2000 Acty wouldn't start today.

    Havent driven fo a couple of days

    When I last drove it was 5°C (41°F) and a sloppy slushy mess

    Within 4 hours the temperature plummeted

    The temperature dropped to at least-20°C (-4°F) and hasn't gotten above -10 °C (14°F) since ( a little cooler than that as I write this)

    I haven't had problems with it starting in the past at colder temperatures.

    I tested the battery and its its fully charged. Everything works except when I turn key to start, not even a click.

    Im guessing that because it was wet when I last drove something like the starter has gotten iced up.

    Am I having a brain fart and overlooking something?

    SAITCHO Member

    You should invest in a oil pan heater pad, something around 125watts if you dont already.
  3. Matthew Harras

    Matthew Harras New Member


    I installed a 125w heater and it was effective until the temp dropped below 30°c the other day.

    I took some spot temperature readings with my infrared therand had some -38°c readings

    I guess im just going to have to drape a tarp over the box at night to help the heater out.
  4. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    yep oil pan heater is the way to go, and a battery blanket if you have one

    even with a magnetic oil pan heater below -26c if my Sambar doesnt start after 4 seconds of cranking the batteries about done and i need to use a booster pack, its enough that im debating installing a bigger battery next summer

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