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Clock Wiring?

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Zeon, Nov 9, 2021.

  1. Zeon

    Zeon New Member

    I picked up a dash clock for my HA4 Acty. The clock came with the plug and about 2 inches of wires. Does anyone know how to connect this? Is there a schematic online I can look at? Rob.
  2. shogun

    shogun Active Member

  3. Bert Stevens

    Bert Stevens Active Member

    left to right yellow, white/blue, red/black goes to light swt. and ground is black. 94-96

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  4. if you run it down to the radio you can t clip all the wires to the radio wires of matching color
  5. Zeon

    Zeon New Member

    Thanks. I'll look at the radio.
  6. Scott Chamberlain

    Scott Chamberlain New Member

    Will Power sells a harness to add a clock to vehicles that didn't have them. When I bought mine, it was made too short- I'm told they're longer now. Go over to the steering column, about midway on it, and you'll see a band of shiny bright blue tape. This holds the connector that the clock harness snaps into. That's pretty much it. The blanking plate snaps out, the clock snaps in. The aftermarket harness comes with the connectors uninstalled. This is to allow it to thread through the dash. No drilling; tuely plug and play, though some soldering is involved.
  7. carlosjr56

    carlosjr56 Member

  8. Ydoja

    Ydoja New Member

    Thank you for this info! I found the harness/plug by the steering column with the blue tape and ordered the connecting harness from Willpowered :)

    Thank you carlosjr56 for the link!

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