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Chinese truck - based on Chevy Colorado (reverse engineered?)

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by speedy67, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. speedy67

    speedy67 Member

    Not too shabby looking....


    diesel engines....cool

    5 speed trans

    No 4X4...yet.

    It's a start for them....
  2. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    The Chinese are infamous for blatant copyright infringement. GM will eat their lunch if they ever try to sell one of their copycat products in the U.S.
  3. wtwhitelaw

    wtwhitelaw New Member

    Told to me by my father--- The Chinese were crash testing a suv type vehicle in the U.K. to import there. After the test the engineers had to take the crash test dummy APART to get it out of what remained of the suv. The left front tire (frontal offset crash test) was actually pushed thru the firewall and floorboard with out losing all of the air pressure in the tire.
    Think of all the recalled toys from China as well as all of the black mareket name brand goods made in China. Is it really worth it in the end? It's not a bad looking truck IMO. But I wouldn't trade my Frontier for it.
  4. leeb

    leeb New Member


    GM owns stock in a couple of Chinese automakers, so that may be a GM copy of a GM truck.
  5. jimhammer1

    jimhammer1 Member

    My experience with Chinese vehicles: I imported a 28HP 4x4 diesel tractor from China. It came in crates and required assembly. It is basically a sound machine and works hard. Observations:
    The labels on the wiring harness we not the same on each end of the same wire, which suggested to me that attention to detail is not a priority, or the Chinese have a sense of humor. The transmission oil, and engine oil and hydraulic fluid were all contaminated and required replacement along with the filters. It appeared that 30 weight motor oil was used for the engine, the transmission and the hydraulics. The chinese battery lasted three months. The levers for the four wheel drive, transfer case, and PTO lift all broke and had to be redesigned and replaced with good steel. None of the gauges display the correct information except possibly the tach. The Chinese steel does not seem to be of the best quality. It is weak, not hardened and displays a lot of impurities when welding. The chipper required modifying the control mechanism in order to work properly. It took a week to get all the hydraulic leaks stopped.
    I really like my tractor and obtaining it from China saved me fifteen grand compared to purchasing a comprable John Deere, Kabota, etc., locally. If a person is handy at fixing stuff, it is a pretty good deal. I wouldn't be tempted to purchase a transportation vehicle from China.
  6. speedy67

    speedy67 Member

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