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changing tires?...power problems?

Discussion in 'References' started by oldsnowman, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    Kijiji ,Craigslist...I have 2 sets of Honda Civic VX ultralightweight rims.. both sets found on Kijiji..$150 for 1 set $200 for the second set if I remember correctly..they are so light that even with the larger tires they are each 5 lbs lighter than the stock 12" rims/tires
  2. jvanmol

    jvanmol New Member


    I have 175-70-13 summer tires on aluminum Civic rims and 155-80-13 from a corolla with winter tires. Each set was $100 with pretty decent tires on kijiji.
    I found easier to find the tires I was looking for when I searched for vehicle models rather then a specific tire sized. Many people dont know what tires are on their cars...

    175-70-13 are much better size for these trucks. the loss in torque is made up for with the comfort of the ride. steering is a little harder too.
  3. jwetovick

    jwetovick Member

    According to my cross reference sheet I'm looking at the Honda CV wheels don't match? I need 114.3 bolt pattern for my 95 mitsu. Any suggestions?
  4. akguy09

    akguy09 Member

    datsun rims fit mine but I had to cut the centers out of the front due to the large auto hubs
  5. jvanmol

    jvanmol New Member

    4x110mm to 4x100mm

    I got some 4x110mm to 4x100mm aluminum adapters from fupabox. They work great and no hub modification was required. Maybe you can find something like that.
  6. jwetovick

    jwetovick Member

    I learned the exact same thing! Thought something else was wrong with my mini because I couldn't get it to go over 65kmh with the 23 atv tires. One day for sh*&s and giggles I put the stock tires and wheels on and sure enough....100kph. Stock is what I have on now and will not go back. By the way, you have one of the best camo jobs I have seen on a mini! Sweet truck man
  7. Jessf

    Jessf Member

    over a week now with my 155/80/13r tires and still loving them.
  8. installater

    installater Member

    New owner here, change my stock W&Ts out with 14x7 4x114.3 american racing wheels along
    with some Dunlop winter maxx 185/60r14 tires.
    rims weight 17.27lbs. load cap. 1580lbs (little overkill)
    Tires weight 17 lbs. load index 82 load range SL over 1100 lbs. speed rating 118mph (never will do it)
    Only problem I had was the rim being so thick 9/16'' I needed different lug nuts
    IMG_0259.jpg IMG_0257.jpg
    IMG_0260.jpg IMG_0276_1.jpg
    I don't do much off roading but our logging roads & side roads
    are bad enough
    Next project some type of fenders or flares been looking through different posts
    for Ideas

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