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Changed Hijet Oil Today

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Samurai9, May 19, 2008.

  1. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    The filter on the truck when I got it was labeled Totalgrip, I believe it is a house brand for one of the big auto parts stores. I replaced it with the NAPA 1394, since I couldn't find the comparable Wix 51394. The old filter was loose, had been leaking a little, and came off by hand. The oil was black and definitely needed changing. The oil drain plug came off well but the washer was in horrible shape. Nevertheless I had to spend some time cutting and scraping all of it off. I replaced it with a new washer. Following instructions I got here, I used 10W30 oil and began by putting in two quarts. At that point, the dipstick indicated about a quart low. I added about two thirds of a third quart in installments and the dipstick was slightly below full. I will check it again tomorrow after running the engine and then letting it sit.

    Thanks for all the recommendations on this forum.

  2. RSBaxter

    RSBaxter New Member

    Napa 1394 is same as 51394

    Hi Sam,

    I am a parts professional that works at an independent auto supply company in New Jersey. Just today a guy came in with a request for an oil filter for a 2004 Daihautsu Hi Jet. A "who" I asked him? Upon him furnishing me with the o.e. number off his original filter which was 15601-97202 - I called Wix and asked them to cross reference it off of their master system. They had no official cross but I found that the 51394 seems to be the one that works for most people on this site, so off he went with it.

    Just to tell you the 1394 Napa is made by Wix and it is the exact same filter as the 51394 which is just branded as Wix but that company makes the filter for Napa.

    thanks for your info!
  3. les_jones83

    les_jones83 New Member

    I have a 91 hijet and i changed the oil the other day and it took 3 quarts of oil to fill it up
  4. minimurph

    minimurph Member

    Timely info, Guys- I ordered the 1394 today and was confused about the Wix alternate number- good to know they are the same. I haven't found the filter on the hijet yet, so if there are any tricks to pulling it I appreciate a heads-up.
  5. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    The 1394 may not fit all hi jets. Be sure it tightens up and is not loose on the threads. the filter on the 94 hijet is aimed streight down and on the passenger side front. You can put your hand under the side of engine and feel it.
  6. minimurph

    minimurph Member

    Thanks Ray- I went right to it and the 1394 was a good fit. About time my 13 yr old boy learned how to change the oil (if you're going to drive it you got to take care of it).


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