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Catalytic Converter

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by DRW, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    My 93 suzuki doesn't have a cat... never did.

  2. huntidaho

    huntidaho Member

    I looked and it seems mine doesnt have a cat. I really appreciate your help.
  3. BHuffman

    BHuffman New Member

    I took my 91 Carry to a friend to help me replace the rusted out muffler and tail pipe. I had to use 1.5" pipe because I couldn't find anyone who could bend/shape 1.25" pipe. At the same time, I unbolted the "twisted tri pipe" and was able to use a screw driver to break apart the catalyst from the manifold-type catalytic converter. That went pretty easy. Once complete, the first thing I noticed was that the exhaust is a little louder. Can't determine if it's the larger pipe, muffler, or the removed catalyst???

    I've been losing power for about a year now and I don't get as much top-end speed out of each gear. I think it may be in my carb or something to do with the spark. I'm smelling unburned fuel in the exhaust. At this point, I believe the pickup is better, but I'm still having a lack of power like when I go up a hill, so removing the catalyst wasn't the fixall I was hoping for.
  4. o8k

    o8k Member

    I stumbled across this thread while researching a problem im having the hoses coming out of my exahust manafold. (93 Carry) One goes into the frame (not sure i understand this) The other appears to be part of an EGR (Exahust Gas Recirulation) system of sorts. Both metal brakets that these flex exhaust hoses tie to are completely rusted out. Any info on this would be apreciated. Will take picks later when i get a chance.

    Thanks in advance,
  5. huntidaho

    huntidaho Member

    they are used to keep your carbs from freezing up in the cold weater.. Mine rusted off and I had to rebuild them..
  6. huntidaho

    huntidaho Member

    just so you know it will not affect the rig if not in cold weater. it is striclty for heat for the carbs..
  7. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    93 Suzuki

    This is what I got out of mine.

    Attached Files:

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  8. JJ3381

    JJ3381 New Member

    I am going to knock out my cat internals soon. Thanks for the info:)

    GEORGIA New Member

    i have a 99 and when they come to the usa, the govt makes the importer put one on any truck that gets imported (all of them). i recently cut it out and had a fresh section of 1.75" pipe ran from the manifold to the muffler. its a tad louder but thats to be expected because it has less restriction. i want it to stay quiet and these engine needs the muffler for back pressure.
  10. mbsuzuki

    mbsuzuki New Member

    I to have a 99 suzuki, jus got it. The importer welded on the new cat. Georgia, whewn you removed yours did you get any better performance? I was thinking of removing it but only if it will add to the perfomance, Thx
  11. carl boutin

    carl boutin New Member

    how about ability to warm up during winter? I have seen occasions on other cars that by removing the CAT it would take longer to warm up.

    Any idea on this?

    Thank you
  12. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    Is there a step by step on the removal of the Cat?
    What about an actual header, do they make one?
  13. Stan

    Stan New Member

    So in the second picture it shows the curved what I'm zooming is heat shield and then the flange for the exhaust pipe hooks up. My question is is that the flange that you remove so that you can get the screwdriver into remove the catalyst stuff?
  14. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I assue the cat can be reached with just removing the tail pipe.
    The heat shield should stay?
  15. Can someone please help me, I have a 99 carry and at first glance I can't locate the cat converter. Is it near the manifold?
  16. Steve Carpenter

    Steve Carpenter New Member

    I know this is an old post but i am new to the forum. I have a 91 Carry and plan on cleaning out the cat on it, by doing this, will the sensor give a fault or light on the dash?
  17. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    mine did not even have a cat
  18. Limestone

    Limestone Active Member

    Take pic's of your system and maybe some one can help you identify if you do or don't!
  19. I have a 99 carry and mine had a cat closer to the rear of the truck, I knocked the inside of my cat out and I had no problems with any sensors and to be honest it was a job worth doing. I've noticed a small gain in top end hp. Im able to hold no less than 85 km/h up any hill where as after putting 14" aluminum rims with with 23" all seasons before knocking my cat out, I lost much more up hills, having to gear down once in a while. Small gains are worth it on these little guys
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  20. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    Mine 99 has a cast 3 tube header that went into 3 long tubes into 1.
    I made a collector and went 2" from the header.

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