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Carry specific parts reference/tech info

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry References' started by carry92, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. carry92

    carry92 Member

    I had a look around the Carry forum for tech info that was previously posted.
    Most times the applicable year and model was not given.

    Can anyone confirm year and model so that one of us doesn’t buy a product that will not work on our year of Carry?

    Any added information would be good.

    • Oil filter:NAPA 1360/ WIX 51360
    • I Own A 91 Carry With A 660 Cc And A Fram Oil Filter Ph4967 Fits Just Right.
    • Fuel Filter:WIX 33470
    • Air Filter:FRAM CA568 / NAPA Silver 22143 / WIX 42143
    • Sparkplug: NGK 3932 / NGK DCPRE7E
    • Tachometer most Equus one will work on 3 cylinders http://www.iequus.com/products.php?category_id=100_120
    • Thermostat…Chevy sprint/ 3 cylinder works in a DDT51T. A 1/16 inch vent /relief hole needs to be drilled so that the system can bleed the air
    The best oil filter brand that I have found is the Napa/Wix. It filters better than the others and has provided an increase in oil pressure on every engine that I have used it on.

    The post office has just sent me an email advising that my English Carry manual is on the way.
    I would be willing to provide specific information from this manual to any of you.
    The service data such as tune up specs, fluid capacities and types will be posted.
  2. cmaranto

    cmaranto Member

    MGB/5 liter

    Can't let that tidbit of info slip by without a comment. The problem is getting the 305 cooled off. I have a Series 1 Tiger and this was the weak point of the Sunbeam. The addition of a 4 row rad with electric fan did the trick. We attempted a Buick V6 insertion into a MGB years ago. Lose the lever shocks and convert to coil overs for the additional weight as the stock MG stuff is a joke. Good luck on taming the heat

    Chuck in Indy
  3. j.newell

    j.newell New Member

    I Need Timing Specs For 92 Carry
  4. cabinmini

    cabinmini Member

    Hi j.
    From my manual

    Plugs NGK DCPR7E gap .8 to .9 mm

    950rpm + or - 50
    7 degees BTDC

    Good luck
  5. j.newell

    j.newell New Member

    thanks alot help me out alot . jon newell
  6. JCwild

    JCwild New Member

    Do you know what to use for a 93 Carry 660c?
  7. carry92

    carry92 Member

    The shop manual lists two : ND XU22EPR-U and NKG DCPR7E. Has anyone done a cross reference to Champion or Bosch?
  8. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    What is wrong with NGK?
  9. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I second that.
  10. kepow

    kepow Member

    1992 carry body panel

    Hello from Alberta Canada
    I need the tin body panel that goes above the front bumper and under the windsheild
    for a 1992 carry with rectangle headlights
  11. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    NGK is definitely the better plug. I got a couple of trucks from people here in the US. one was using autolite and the other Champion. The Trucks ran better when they were change to original equipment.
  12. Badgerland

    Badgerland Member

    I will "3rd" or "4th" that...where-ever we are on the list now... :sly:

    Stick with NGK's!
  13. kicker1

    kicker1 New Member

    The post office has just sent me an email advising that my English Carry manual is on the way.
    I would be willing to provide specific information from this manual to any of you.
    The service data such as tune up specs, fluid capacities and types will be posted.[/QUOTE]

    what are the timing specs for 89 carry F6A engine? thanks
  14. suzukicarry'99

    suzukicarry'99 New Member

    Does anyone know what the spark plug number is for a 1999 Suzuki Turbo Carry? I have found that the Turbo Carry sometimes uses different part numbers. I'd appreciate the help.
  15. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    I believe it's the same as the standard truck.

  16. suzukicarry'99

    suzukicarry'99 New Member

    1999 Suzuki Carry Turbo

    Thanks. I knew someone would know the answer.
  17. erixun

    erixun Member

    Spark Plugs for the Suzuki Carry

    I posted this on another thread as well, hope this can help someone else as well. It is a table for the NGK plug and what Suzuki trucks/engines it will fit.

    "Just another bit of info for Suzuki Owners: The NGK website lists the DCPR7E for the Suzuki Carry and gives the years and engines they go to....basically from 1988 to 2001, and the F5A, F5B, F6A engines. Stock number 3932. Take a look, here is the link:


    Here is the specs they list for this spark plug as well:
    12mm Thread, 19mm (3/4") Reach, 5/8" (16mm) Hex Size, Gasket Seat, Resistor, Removable Terminal, Projected Tip, .032" (0.8mm) Gap, Heat Range 7"

    or see thread: http://www.minitrucktalk.com/showthread.php?t=1013
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2009
  18. o8k

    o8k Member

    I crossreferenced CA568 for K&N... it returned P/N E-0870

    ANother note my 93 Carry has the "tall" filter for which the CA568 isnt long enough to fit. I stuffed a thick sponge on one end in the mean time... im sure there are more sophisticated modifications that could have been made...

    The K&N site also had these listings for other AIR filter brands:

    Manufacturer Part Number
    AC A633C
    AMC 8994841
    AMC 8994941
    FRAM CA568
    PURO A23196
    WIX 42143
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2010
  19. o8k

    o8k Member

    (Based on WIX 3470) (taken from FRAM's crossreference page)
    I am not sure what the OEM specs are...

    FRAM G6405
    Product Type In-Line Gasoline Filter
    Product Height 2.89"
    Product I.D. 5/16 Tube Connector
    Product O.D. 1.81"

    Applications Where Used
    4-1.5L 2 bbl. (K) [1988-1987]
    4-1.5L F/inj. (P) [1988]
    Colt Vista
    4-1.5L 2 bbl. (K) [1988-1987]
    4-2.0L 2 bbl. (D) [1989-1987]
    4-2.4L F/inj. (W) [1990]
    4-2.6L 2 bbl. (E) [1990-1987]
    Power Ram 50
    4-2.0L 2 bbl. (D) [1989-1987]
    4-2.4L F/inj. (W) [1990]
    4-2.6L 2 bbl. (E) [1990-1987]
    Ram 50
    4-2.0L 2 bbl. (D) [1989-1987]
    4-2.4L F/inj. (W) [1990]
    4-2.6L 2 bbl. (E) [1990-1987]
    4-1.5L 2 bbl. 4G15 (K) [1988-1987]
    4-2.0L 2 bbl. SOHC G63B (D) [1989-1987]
    4-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E) [1989-1987]
    4-1.5L 2 bbl. (K) [1988-1987]
    Colt Vista

    FRAMS listing of competator's products:
    AC-DELCO GF684
    BALDWIN BF1178
    BECK/ARNLEY 043-0907
    BIG A 95470
    CARQUEST 86470
    CENEX G2977
    CHAMP G2977
    CHRYSLER* MB433774
    COBRA IMF587
    CROSLAND 6672
    GRAND PRIX G2977
    GROUP 7 F44804
    IAPCO FF912
    ITM 11-31207
    KEM GF873
    LAZORLITE L11-6416
    LEE LG-8977
    MANN & HUMMEL WK42/7
    MIGHTY G2977
    NAPA 3470
    NAPA 3470BP
    PARTS PLUS G2977
    PRO/GAUGE G-6405
    PUROLATOR F44804
    SECURITY G2977
    SHELL F44804
    TRUST G2977
    VERA 12-02165
    WARNER G2977
    WIX 33470
  20. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    More cross reference #'s

    OK guys.
    Had to do alot of calling, and trips to the supply houses.

    Here are some more #'S for DD51T Suzuki

    Alt belt--Napa--3L250
    A/C belt-Napa--040270

    Front Crank Seal--CR12733--$11
    Front Cam Shaft Seal--TCM 35x47x7TC--$5

    I hate paying retail X 3 .

    Another note--if you do a timing belt and water pump, make sure to manually fill the upper radiator hose with coolant. And then also use the air bleeder screws to bleed out the system. Otherwise, the coolant wont circulate properly, and you will overheat fast.

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  21. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member


    I also found if you cross refernce the Fram air filter CA568--to K&N E0870 the K&N is alot shorter, and you will have to find a way to "packing, or space" the filter intake box..

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  22. F.T.Beard

    F.T.Beard New Member

    how about air filter no. for 95 suzuki carry 660.thank you.
  23. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    Oil--Fram PH2951 fit's nice
    Air--Fram CA568(needs modified) doesn't fit like the stock filter should
    Gas--Fram G6405, FF619, Wix 33470, Napa 3470( I found I had to really force the old hoses back on. A little bigger barbs on the gas filter, but workable.
    Thermostat--Carquest CTH 31978 (180 degree) must drill little 1/16" bleeder hole.
    Thermo gasket--Carquest 20921 (you must modify the holes. Doesn't quite match up. I used a large hole punch.

    Does anyone have the front diff(1995 suzuki dd51T) seal #'s for where the CV axles come out??? Thats my next project.

    Last edited: Jun 24, 2010
  24. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Where did you source the cam and crank seals from snowmanutah. I see the part numbers but not the house or manufacturer;

    Also, I was under the impression that they were the same seal...
  25. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    They are close, but for sure different. I took the original nko seals down to napa, and a bearing seal warehouse. Matched them both up very close. No more leaks.
    How about front diff seal #'s, & the seal(oring) for the distributor housing?????
    Do I have to do all the work.
    How about a rear shock for the DD51T?? All I see on this site is a lot of contraversy on monroe #31000??????

  26. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    I'm just starting to get into this area,
    Had a little scare with some fishing line around the rear drive shaft; strange pinging sound above 40kph.:confused:

    A quick fix, but got me looking into the fluids and leaks; like a stuck pig:D

    Have you dropped the front diff oil, not just topped? Mine looked like charcol-grey paint...aluminum oxide in suspention, I'm assuming..

    Let us know about the diff seals; the part sourceing referance I was talking about was a walk-in # like Napa AB1234567

    Inner or outer universal boot kit from retail ATV repair and parts (whole saler numbers)
    "Red Stallion" M 32-109 $ 25.00 (grease-boot-straps)
    Outer CV joint to axle shaft replacement C Clip retail ATV repair and parts (whole saler numbers)
    (piston retainer pin clip) B 420945735 $ 0.69 (each)

    Any ATV repair shop can ref these numbers...
  27. jefro

    jefro New Member

    The spark plug transfers over to a HD motorcycle plug. I think it is the 88 inch models.

    I can say the front cv boots are common universal replacements at any store. The Help brand has them Dorman 614-001 and if you want you can use the 614-002 on the diff side.

    The diff seal is a timken 223542 I believe.

    Oil is on the web. It can be viewed (or purchased) I think as part of the carry & every english translated version.

    10-30 motor oil. GL4 MT transmission/transfer case, GL5 in the diffs, Dot 3 or 4 brake fluid, Asian antifreeze- Zerex ZRX 675130, Battery can easily be swapped to a lawn mower battery. Just clip the round terminal square and bolt it up.

    Some parts can be looked up at rockauto. Look up supercarry but you have to use the check boxes at top to add in european cars.
    Filters are all under $12 there. Brake cylinders are like $15
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2010
  28. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    GL4...GL5, its all good stuff, but we are looking for the BEST..

    I just did both diffs and man trans with Quaker 75-140 100% synthetic GL5+...
    $20.00 a liter, but it is the best...

    And the engine with Quaker 5W-20 100% synthetic...
    $10.00 a liter; the stuff is like water, but claims durability..

    Is it just me, or does it seem to shift and "ROLL" better?
    Anyone else do a full synthetic upgrade?

  29. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member


    Be careful!!!!
    If your manual trans says GL4 ONLY, then us GL4 Only.
    GL 5 has addatives that can damage components such as yellow metals, and brass.
    My suzuki is GL4. I've been told there are components in my trans that can be damaged by GL5.!!!
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2010
  30. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    You are so right..duo

    I read up on this a few months ago and thought it was the GL-4 that I had to stay away from and the GL-5 that had to go in...can't save face on this one..

    Drop 6L of GL-5 and insert 6L of GL-4 ...duo

    I have to cut back on the dubage..

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