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Carry CV Boot

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Titan Mini Trucks, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Titan Mini Trucks

    Titan Mini Trucks New Member

    Does anyone know if the inner CV boot listed for the Suzuki Samuri and others will work for the Carry?
  2. Cv Boots

    Hey Buddy,

    Here is the scoop on CV boots DORMAN UNIFIT-614-001 will do the job and they are cheap.

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2007
  3. Titan Mini Trucks

    Titan Mini Trucks New Member

    Thanks for the confirmation. The two listed were 614-001 outer and 614-002 for the inner for all Suzuki's from 1986-1999. I didn't figure that a manufacturer would change much. :):)

    We are new to the forum and appreciate the information presented here. I see I am not the only one scrambling to find parts info for the KEI trucks. I have plenty of parts experience and mechanical knowledge, but not on these little trucks. We are new to the mini trucks, but are learning fast.
  4. Titan Mini Trucks

    Titan Mini Trucks New Member

    The one the parts store gave me for an inner boot is a lot larger than the CV shaft on the big end. The shaft is approx. 2 3/4" diameter and the boot is approx. 3.5" diameter. Will the boot suck up that much when you put the clamp on it? It is also a good bit longer, but I don't think that is much of a problem. They ordered me a Dorman 614-002. The difference in the 001 & 002, according to them, is the 002 is made for high temp applications.

    What are the basic steps to remove the shaft since I was unable to get a spit boot? Do I have to compress and undo the strut, or can I just dissassemble the hub and compress the shaft enough to remove the shaft? Is the inner CV joint held on the shaft by a cir-clip?

    Thanks for any info on these trucks. This is my first time to have to tear into one. They are fairly bullet proof.

  5. Titan Mini Trucks

    Titan Mini Trucks New Member

    Answered part of my own question as soon as I logged off. The boot is universal, not custom fit. It will just have to be trimmed to fit.

    I still would appreciate anyone's input on the basic steps to remove the CV shaft so that I don't undo something I don't have to or waist too much time. No matter who you are, there is always someone else who knows more than you do about just about anything.

    Thanks in advance,
  6. Boots

    Hey Titan,

    You are going to be replacing boots on the mini's til the cows come home,invest in a air powered spreader that allows you to install boots without removing the shaft.You will still have to remove shaft end from the hub. You would think with all the advances in fastner tec that a glue or tape could be used for a split boot application.
    Good luck
  7. Titan Mini Trucks

    Titan Mini Trucks New Member

    I see what you mean. I pulled the shaft and replaced the boot last night and will finish buttoning everything up tonight. I can see where the spreader would make it much quicker. I guess I'll be checking with the parts store and tool guys on an installation tool so that I don't have to remove the joint. It was interesting, but I don't want to have to do it every time.

    Question. Is there a special tool to remove the hub so that the brake rotor can be replaced on a Suzuki? I see the rotor unbolts from the hub, but how do you get it off?

    Thanks for the advice and opinions,

  8. luckyluci

    luckyluci New Member

    So, how do you get the boot on without using a spreader?
  9. Titan Mini Trucks

    Titan Mini Trucks New Member

    Disassemble the joint if it is the inner boot. If it's the outer joint, you must disassemble the inner joint and remove it to replace the outer boot on most shafts if you do not have a spreader. Once the outer boot has been installed, you then re-install the innoer boot & joint.

    Fun. Fun. Fun.

  10. JRinTX

    JRinTX Moderator

    I am preparing to replace an outer boot on my 92 Suzuki. The nut on the axle has been "dimpled" on the outer edge. I assume this is to prevent the nut from backing off - sorta replaces a cotter pin? But, how do I remove the nut without damaging it? And how to replace?

    Also, are there any tips I need to know about removing the axle and/or disassembling the CV joints to change boots?

  11. Titan Mini Trucks

    Titan Mini Trucks New Member

    You will either have to use a boot spreader to replace the outer boot, or remove the inner joint & boot to replace the outer. The outer joints I have seen are press fit and cannot be removed by the average person. A pair of lock ring pliers would be handy when removing the inner joint, but not absolutely necessary.

    I am not familiar with the dimpled not, though. None of the Suzuki's I have worked on have had a cotter key or a provision for one, but I have not noticed the nut being dimpled.


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